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B Jul 30, 2018 Review updated:

There should be a better way to report scams on your site. I am bombarded by men who claim to be in the military and immediately ask to go off site. I have learned not to do that because as soon as I do, they start asking for money and then get nasty when I say no. The options listed for reporting a photo are not sufficient. You must find a better way to allow users to make reports.


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    gerrymgoodman Aug 08, 2019

    WARNING: There is a gentleman posing as Gerry M. Goodman on your site - who has stolen and altered my Texas

    Driver's License and pasted his own Photo on said License. I have turned his photos over to the POLICE FRAUD

    Departments in Tarrant County and in Dallas County. Please TAKE HIS POSTING Down Immediately as I am also

    naming your site on the respective Police Reports as contributing to this FRAUD. If you want to call me to verify

    this information, please call me immediately or see my FaceBook page that I've had since 2009! He is also coming

    on to women - claiming that he owns my 30-year old business, European Motor Cars, Ltd in Fort Worth!

    Respectfully, the real Gerry M. Goodman.

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