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To whom it may concern;
We have a purchase power acct #[protected]. In the last month we started to receive rental invoices. Which we have not received prior. At first they were for May thru Aug 2017 so I didn't think much of them and paid the $117.99.
The following week received 12 invoices some of them dating back as early as April 2016- Inv#[protected] receiving end of Sept 2017 due Oct 25th. I did make a payment of $470.52 intending to call which I did today. Questioning receiving invoices that are from last year?
I recently received another 11 invoices, seriously... I feel we should be compensated for not having anyone contact us saying there was a problem & just sending invoices asking for payment right now. We were completely not knowing that rental invoices were not being paid.
I would appreciate Pitney Bowes making some sort of compensation to our account in good faith.
In my phone call today with Jaz who she said discussed with her floor manager- Luke B, case #[protected]. Which I also received a email confirming.
This seems crazy that a big company like your would not try to satisfy the customer over the phone & now I'm having to spend more time writing this email. She acted was if it was normal to send invoices out over a year old & no apology for the shock, large payment owing or anything. Just oh if you need more time, that was the best she could do.
I'm hopeful that you can make some sort of credit to our account & in the future since you have always had my contact email, inform us of issues.
Lori Benton

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