Pick n Payservice regarding smart shopper card


Yesterday, 16 August 2017 I've switched 10 000 from my Smart Shopper Card and tried to make the R100 part of my payment at Pick n Pay Cradlestone Mall. At the till the cashier was not able to add the R100 payment to the rest of my payment and told me the system was offline. Today at Pick n Pay Princess Crossing I've again tried to add the R100 voucher to my payment and again I was told that the system was offline. So what I want to know is the purpose of the Smart Shopper Card if the cashiers or whoever is not able to switch a machine voucher into a payment. An answer would be appreciated, else I'm going to throw away the damn card and buy my monthly groceries at another store.
I'm really fedup with Pick n Pay as at the Clearwater branch a hell of a long queue with only 2 tills open happens regularly.

  • Updated by T Fourie · Oct 17, 2017

    What are you going to do about it?

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