Philippine AirlinesIncomplete Cargo Davao to Clark

I had 31 pcs total of sacks and boxes of assorted fruits sent from Davao to Clark on Tuesday Oct 8, 2019. Unfortunately only the boxes made it, 5 sacks were left at the Davao Airport accordingly by PAL cargo crew based on the feedback I got from the sender. It could have been okay if I live near Clark, unfortunately I am from La Trinidad, Benguet who travelled 5 hrs one way just to get the fruits. I cannot wait for it to be sent the next day because by then it will be useless, the fruits were to be used the morning of Oct 10, 2019 there was no way it would reach us on time. It shouldn't have been a big deal only if I am not totally dependent on a minimum weight to make money and make the travel worthwhile. On this trip, I did not make money just because of the negligence of your crew, my time and efforts were wasted. I hope you look into this and make the necessary reasonable action to compensate for your negligence. I lost Php 8, 500 on this trip- total cost of transportation (the sacks are the one paying for the trip), this does not include the flack I got from my customers for not being able to deliver.

Here are the details:

S- EPR Davao
C- Michael Dan G. Lee
Awb# [protected]
31/678kls assurted fruits
Flight # PR-
Etd dvo 1:25 pm
Eta Clark 3:20 pm
Via Pal
Direct Consignee

Oct 09, 2019

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