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I ordered two large (impact resistant) fixed windows for my home in August, 2015. Approximately September, 2017 I noticed a water leak on my ceiling inside of my house. I contacted the contractor that installed the windows along with the roofer. Between the two of them they discovered that the leak was not due to installation of the windows or the roof leaking. What they detected was that the window was leaking between the glass of the window and the actual window frame.
At that point I contacted PGT to find out what I should do. They informed me that I must contact the dealer I purchased the windows from. I told them that the dealer did such a bad job that I would not work with them again. Also, the dealer that I purchased the windows from was no longer a PGT dealer. PGT told me I need to have a dealer look at the windows and the dealer would contact PGT directly. PGT said they would only come to the house for a period of one year after installation of the windows, after that, my problem must go through a dealer.
I contacted a couple of dealers. However, no one wanted to get involved with my problem. On October 27, 2017, one of the dealers told me that if I did not purchase the windows from them, they would not help. At that point I called back PGT and asked what I should do. PGT told me that it was hard to get dealers out to my area and that I could use any window repair company. The company that I would be using would then obtain the material(s) to fix the window, the material(s) would be supplied by PGT, however, I would have to pay labor and any other charges that the dealer said.
It has been two years since the windows were ordered and installed. A leak in the window after that short period of time should not occur. PGT warranty is advertised to be 10 years. However, a leak between the window glass and the window frame sounds to me as a manufacturing or product defect and should be covered under the warranty without payment. If a window can leak within a two year period, the warranty put out by PGT is only for one year and should not say 10 years. Leakage between the glass and the frame of the window should not occur that soon unless there is a problem with the window itself. Windows are purchased to let sun in and keep water out. I find it very difficult to believe that a window can be manufactured and it will leak after two years and it is my problem and not the manufacturer. Also the windows are argon gas filled. I am not sure now if that gas is still there.
It would be nice if PGT would step up to the plate and stand behind the windows that they manufacture. The strategy appears to be that after the one year you will pay to have your problem(s) on the windows resolved regardless of what caused the problem. If this is the case, it is one of the worst warranties around. Windows are expensive items and are not expected to leak after two years.

What I expect:
I would expect that this is a defect of the actual product and PGT should repair the window at their expense. The actual windows (not including installation) was a little over $8, 000. The cost of the actual windows are listed above but I do not know the installation costs. However, the cost was not cheap for two windows.

  • PGT Custom Windows + Doors Customer Care's Response · Nov 03, 2017

    Ms. Hummer – Thank you for your post. We appreciate your feedback, and our senior leadership would like to speak with you about the concerns you mentioned. Our Sr. Customer Care Manager will contact you at the phone number we have on file. If you would prefer to be contacted at a different number, please email us at [protected] Thank you again, and we look forward to speaking with you. - PGT Custom Windows + Doors Staff

  • Updated by Margot Hummer · Dec 19, 2017

    This is Margot Hummer replying. It says that this issue is resolved. NO IT IS NOT. My window still leaks and I am posting my message to the BBB about PGT below:

    I received several calls from the PGT distributor in my area. He has tried to find a PGT dealer to come out to my house and look at the problem. At this point no one has come to my house. One dealer could only give me a two hour notice and I was not at home when he wanted to come. He said that he is booked for another four weeks. I spoke to the PGT distributor about what the dealer said and the distributor said he will try to get another dealer to my house and will also talk to PGT home office. Today is 12/19/17 and I have not heard back.
    I explained to the PGT distributor that I have three things working against me here:

    1. I do not have a PGT dealer that sold me the windows because they did such a bad job and also are no longer a PGT dealer.

    2. Since I do not have a PGT dealer any other dealer does not want to handle a defective window or does not come to the area that my house is in.

    3. PGT will only send their (PGT) repair people if it’s within one year of purchase. My windows are two years old. Since they are two years old, I have to use a dealer, which I don’t have.

    My conversations with the PGT distributor have not been the best. He has told me that a leak in the window is not under warranty since there is no mention of leaks in the warranty document. I explained to him that the intent of a window is to let sunlight in and keep the weather out. I believe that a leak between the glass and the frame of the window should be covered under an implied warranty on the item. It is a defect in material and/or workmanship of the window.

    The distributor also said that since the contractor put caulking on the glass to stop my ceiling from getting further damage, that the warranty is null and void. I mentioned to him that in the warranty document it states that PGT is not responsible for any damage done from their product. Since PGT is not responsible for fixing the ceiling from water damage, I have the right to protect the ceiling and stop the leak temporarily until the window is fixed the correct way. If I had waited for PGT to fix the windows my ceiling would have fallen down since the window is still not fixed.

    Overall I am very dissatisfied with PGT and the treatment I have been getting. A two year old window should not leak between the glass and the frame and PGT should step up to the plate and fix the leak. Unfortunately the window is still not fixed. PGT says it has one of the best warranties for windows; however I beg to differ with them. I have been battling this issue for about three months now and there is no reason I should have to go through this. If PGT does not fix a leak in their windows what good are the windows and how good is their warranty?

  • Administration's Response · Dec 23, 2017

    Resolution mark has been removed by request of the complaint author.

  • Updated by Margot Hummer · Feb 01, 2018

    It is now February 1st and nothing has been done. One dealer and the PGT distributor came to the house and that is the last I have seen them. Window still leaks.

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