Pfizerzarontin 250 mg cap 100 ndc: [protected]

K Aug 01, 2018

We received a complaint ON 7/31 from one of our customers about the physical appearance of product Zarotin ZARONTIN 250 MG CAP 100 with NDC: [protected] and LOT/EXPIRY: [protected]-Jan-2019.
They said advised the capsule looked dusty on the surface.

Pictures are attached for your reference.

We would like to know if you have received similar complaints regarding this product's condition. Please advise as soon as possible. We would like to get back t our customer
and let them know if there is something wrong with the product.
If you need more information regarding this incident please fell fee to contact me. Below is my information:

Karen Burgos | Senior DRP - US
1808-A Associates Lane | Charlotte, NC 28217 | US
Harpendenbury Farm | Redbourn AL3 7QA | UK
Direct: +1 704.552.8408 x 242

Thanks for your support!


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