Peugeotpeugeot car 301- big issues while the speed meters is reading 50,000.00 kilometers

H Aug 16, 2018

I went to Wahdan maintenance center in Cairo to do the regular maintenance of car of based on 50, 000 Kilometers on 28/07/2018, the service was very bad and after they checked my car they said that they have to change the oil machine of my car then the big issue was they said air-condition of the car is not working and they told me that Air-condition compressor need to be changed at the price of L.E 18000.00 which equal $ 1000.00 which is unbelievable to change an important part in the car while the car speed meters is reading only 50, 000 then the battery now is not working as well, I contacted Peugeot Egypt 5 times since 28/07/2018 throughout the hotline (16674) and I did a complaint but sorry to inform you no body get back to me up till now after a lot of promises that they will sort the issue within 48 hours, I love Peugeot cars and I recommend Peugeot cars to my friends and relatives but I didn't expect to have all theses issues in my car, I'm expecting a great support my Peugeot company to change the compressor and car battery as goodwill as I cannot afford spending huge a mount of money while the car is still new and car speed meters is only reading 50, 000.00 bear in mind that all maintenance were done in Peugeot centers and I have the official documents for that. appreciate receiving your assistance and support, my Mobil number is +[protected] and my e-mail hazim.[protected]

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