Peugeot Malaysiaextended warranty not given for turbo failure


My name is Alan Yu Toh Bing. I bought a Peugeot 3008 on March 3, 2014.

I was happy with the car in terms of the design of the car, the quality of the interior and the performance of the car. Although, I was warned by friends that Peugeot’s turbo has its problems, I went ahead with the purchase, assured by Peugeot’s 5-year unlimited mileage warranty.

Unfortunately, true to my friends’ predictions, my 3008 turbo failed early 2016 before March – short of 3 years since I bought it. But confident of Peugeot’s much touted 5-year warranty sales pitch, I was confident it would not be a problem for Peugeot to cover the repairs and/or possible replacement of the turbo system.

To my horror, our request for a replacement under the warranty was rejected because we were faulted for not following the servicing schedule as stated without any consideration for how difficult it is sometimes to even get a service appointment at your centres. Coupled with my own busy schedule as a business owner – yes, some times we came in late for servicing and, therefore, exceeded the recommended mileage point required for service.

My Peugeot dealer pointed out to me that it is clearly stated in the warranty that I have breached the requirements. Fact is, I never knew about it. And other car company’s I have dealt with don’t make an issue of it if the mileage is slightly over what is recommended.

When pointed out, I concede it is stated in the warranty booklet. But honestly, how many car owners would take the time to read all the literature supplied together with the car? We just keep hearing what is touted: “5-year UNLIMITED warranty!”

And the salesperson that made the sale to me never once highlighted this particular condition of the warranty when highlighting the “5-year UNLIMITED warranty!”

If the salesperson had pointed it out to me, would I have breached the warranty requirements? If I have purposely breached it, then I wouldn’t be writing to you. It seems Peugeot’s salesperson is ONLY concerned to close the deal. It wouldn’t have needed much effort to highlight this one very important condition to ensure the validity of the “5-year UNLIMITED warranty!”, now would it?

Months after discovering the turbo failure and having been deprived of the use of the car, I was told the turbo failure will not be covered. Why months? This is why: I first had to wait for weeks to send my car in to be checked as I was told there was no opening in service slots for my car to be looked at (seems to be a typical problem to help us not keep up-to-date with our service schedules). Then when I got it in, they recommended some peripheral repairs to try and solve the problem – I paid for it and it didn’t solve the problem. They then told me the turbo needed to be replaced and dropped the bombshell that it would not be covered by the warranty because of the service record. The car was then further kept in the workshop to confirm that the warranty was indeed invalid. And I was informed the warranty validity is determined by an insurance company – that may be so, but, to any customer it is Peugeot!

There is one more nagging question that I would like to raise. Why is Peugeot’s turbo so unreliable? It didn’t even last 3 years? Not to mention 5 years!

Fact is, now, I am saddled with this financial burden of having to finance between RM10, 000 to RM15, 000 to replace the turbo.

To date, I haven’t changed my turbo yet, I am still holding onto hope that Peugeot could offer me a full replacement or some other favourable options. If this is possible, it will show huge goodwill from Nasim Sdn Bhd as the official distributor of Peugeot in Malaysia and Peugeot as an international company. It would certainly restore my view of Peugeot back to being a positive one.


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