PetSmartinadequate grooming service for pets


We will never come back at petsmart grooming!! This is the first time we've tried to avail of their grooming services and it was horrible. When we got home one of our dogs was acting weird. He’s like very tired, he stays in one place, he doesn’t move and he is just staring. He’s like traumatized. He was not usually like that, he’s very playful. I was wondering why is he like that but I just think that maybe he is just tired. The next morning, when my mom got home I told her about him and we are wondering because he is still like that. When my mom carried him I saw a burn on his stomach then they went to the vet. The vet gave us ointment and medicine. I called the petsmart grooming and told them about what happened. They told me that they will call me the next day. I was waiting for their call but I haven’t receive any call from them. We paid $45 for grooming and they’re not doing their job properly


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