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We bought a 1 month 29 day German Shepherd from the Springfield, MO Petland on 23- July-09 we brought him home. We put him in his kennel for the night after we feed and watered him and he went out and went potty. The next day we went out for a couple of walks and it was like right after our walks he had to take a nap and well we thought ok normal alot of exercise for puppy so he just needs a quick nap. He slept alot that day. That night my girlfriend and I took the puppy for a walk and we didn't get but 20 yards from our house and he started gasping and backing up for air. My girlfriend then picked him up and was holding him his eys started rolling back into his head and his tongue started turning color and becoming very limp. Blood then started coming out of his nose and mouth and it was dark red in color. So it was kinda dried. If it was current blood it would have been bright red. After that he had no pulse and was not breathing. We then called Petland and they told us we needed to bring him in for a autopsy. We brought him back on Saturday morning and the vet concluded that he had Acute Pneumonia. We were told that we could get our money back that day by the General Manager Rob and now we received a letter stating that we are not getting our money back that we can get another puppy. We do not want another puppy from them.


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      Aug 19, 2009


    I'm sorry about what happened to your puppy, but pet stores buy dogs from puppy mills and many of them are sick, so this is really about what you can expect.

    Go to a shelter. Find a reputable breeder. Just stay away from the pet store unless you're buying your dog a leash.

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      Aug 20, 2009

    Dogs should never be bought from pet stores. They get their dogs from puppy mills where they are sick and mistreated. Please rescue a dog from a local animal control or rescue group. Go to and put in the type of dog you're looking for, along with your zip code. There are so many great shelter dogs that need homes!

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      Feb 14, 2010

    I understand the concerns with stores like Petland. However, I think their popularity has increased because of the recent trends with dealing with Humane Societies. When I was growing up, you could go to the Humane Society and get a dog, about as easily as walking through the door and wanting to give a dog a good home. Now, you have to fill out an application, they have to know how much money you make, where the pet will stay, how much time you will spend with the pet, and basically everything one might need to know if one were adopting a child. Then, you have a fifty/fifty chance of being turned down anyway. So, while we despise stores like Petland, how about if we get back to letting people who want a dog, get a dog without all the hoop jumping.

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      Apr 22, 2010

    Puppal ...
    "pet stores buy dogs from puppy mills " ...

    With all due respect ... where do you get your information? ALthough you may actually know where your local store gets their animals, how in the world do you know anything about other stores not near you?

    Did you know there is a Petland that has done nothing but adopt-a-pet for the last 18 years? Over 10, 000 unwanted animals have been adopted out through that one location. But yet, no one ever reports about people who fight the good fight eh?

    Instead, the general public believes all the tainted propoganda put out by organizations who just want to get your $$$$

    All I an asking is that you and anyone else who may read this please CHECK THINGS OUT FOR YOURSELF. If your local pet store is a bad apple, then by all means get 'em shut down. But please stop condemming people you don't even know.

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