A Nov 14, 2017

I have always acted Petco over Petsmart, all of the years I have had animals. My last two trips to stores were very disturbing, one I was ringing out for dog treats from my dog and turn back around to get cat treats as a second transaction telling them that I forgot to get my cat treat someone walked up to me and told me that they were closed and made me leave the store without my last transaction. The extra two seconds of ringing in cat treats so that my cats could have treats when I got home and I didn't just give something to my dog would have been really appreciated but I guess they just had something better to do that evening. It's not like me to complain and I put that one off for a couple weeks I'd work to 12 hour shift that day and excuse me for not knowing what time it was when I walked out of work. This morning, I called a different location for information on how to transport my fish safely on a four hour trip to my new apartment. The girl told me that she didn't know that she had never done anything like that before and to put them in a bucket. No heater no insulation no nothing just put them in a bucket . That would have killed my 12-year-old Plecosomus. The lack of care poor attitude and misinformation that is going on in your stores has now switched me to Petsmart who took 30 minutes this morning to teach me and help me gather the information I needed to transport my fish successfully between the customer service and the lack of treats made in the USA at your stores at this point I'm gone

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