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The date 10/4/18 I bought a puppy training class in the great barrington Massachusetts store that day the trainer offered me a deal to get the adult training class, I was leaving the country for 4 months after the puppy class then they told me in the store that I could pay for and take the class when I get back, now I have over a month trying to contact the manager to be transfer to the Pittsfield store because is closer to my new house and he don't want to even give me an store credit, last time I talk to him over 2 weeks ago he said he have to talk to the trainer to see if they can let me take the class there (I don't want to I move and that store is to far for me, Pittsfield is closer to me now), my husband went to the store to talk to the manager and he wasn't able to see him an They told him the manager will call and this Friday will be 2 weeks and we still waiting.
The manager John every time I talked to him was rude and not professional he said he will call and is over a month and we still not reach to him.
It is almost impossible to me to go take the class there due the distance to my new house and now they don't want even let me take the class there then why when I pay for the class they told me I could take it any time after i get to the country after my 4 months vacations, they lie to me and now the manager is being very rude. I feel like petco lie to my just to take my money and now don't want to respond. I am not asking for the money back I just want to be transferred to the store closer to my new house or an store credit to buy the class in the other store.
It is very disappointing that a company we trust and like is treating us like this, John the manager is very rude not respectful that is not a normal experience for us from petco.
Phone: 413.4291351

Petco Animal Supplies
Petco Animal Supplies
Petco Animal Supplies

Jun 12, 2019

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