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Petco Animal Supplies / petco pet care

Sep 21, 2019

I was discusted when I was there the other day hamsters under stress in the cages jumping all over the place not in a playfull manner over stressed some with nit makes from over housing. Then the worst was in the reptile section where a poor iguana was in the tank under fed burn on hi...

Petco Animal Supplies / grooming

Sep 16, 2019

I recently took my soon to be 6 month old puppy in for a bath and cut and was very disappointed in her grooming and how I was treated. I first took my puppy in for a consultations to to discuss getting my puppy groomed to ensure that my needs for my dogs grooming would be met. After...

Petco Animal Supplies / reptile neglect

Sep 12, 2019

Petco Animal SuppliesI purchased a bearded dragon from petsmart a few months ago but Petco has more decor options so while I was in there shopping I stopped and looked at the beardies. There was one juvenile dragon in the tank with the larger dragons which are kept on sand substrate. The juveniles should not...

Petco / customer service

Sep 08, 2019

Today, 9/8/19, I went to the petco in Hanover to buy a pet mouse with my boyfriend. We went into the store around 4:15 and checked out around 4:30-5. When we went to go check out, the women who wash checking us out had some comments on our purchase of a pet mouse. At first she said "i...

Petco Animal Supplies / petco store

Sep 02, 2019

I have had our dogs groomed at Petco for years and since hurricane Florence repairs at this store, they have closed off the door to the salon. You now have to enter the store next to birds and other fragile animals and stand there till someone sees you and comes out from the grooming area...

Petco Animal Supplies / Online order

Aug 28, 2019

*** I have filed a BBB complaint!!! *** The story:... I placed an on-line order with Petco 8/13/19. 8/14/19 I contacted them [protected]) to cancel the order that had not been approved by my veterinarian (required for a prescription item) & had not shipped. I WAS already billed for the...

Petco Animal Supplies / grooming / customer service

Aug 06, 2019

We will never return to PETCO for any supplies. We have 2 small dogs that have been groomed twice at the Brimfield Ohio location. This time we tried to reserve and was told not to bring animal in because it nipped. Use muzzle the dog weighs 12#. He is Shih Tzu we rescued from a Miami...

Petco Animal Supplies / live saltwater animal purchase

Aug 05, 2019

Petco Animal SuppliesI purchased a live salt water animal. Within 2 days I realized it was very sick and in the process of dying I removed it from the tank and noticed 3 infected wounds on it. I returned the still living animal to Petco, and was told they would not refund, credit or replace the animal. There are no...

Petco Animal Supplies / issue with the gift card

Jul 16, 2019

I tried to use my gift card with a balance of $300. I started spending from it the first transaction for $109 and then tried to use it again. poof my money was gone the company stole my money and they did not even provide any costumer service I told them about the website having issue...

Petco Animal Supplies / Grooming

Jul 02, 2019

I have been calling the grooming number all morning to advise them that there is traffic and therefore I will be late. After finally arriving at the union square branch (having exited my cab and walking 15 blocks with 2 dogs) the chap there is sitting there, clearly not interested and...

Petco Animal Supplies / customer service/ employees

Jun 23, 2019

I showed up at 10 till 6pm. I hadn't realized they were closing at 6. I wandered around for 15 minutes wondering why no one was available for service. At 10 after 6, mind you I've been here 20 minutes have my stuff picked out I'm ready to cash out but I can't. I can't even leave In fact I...

Petco Animal Supplies / reptile health

Jun 15, 2019

I was checking out the iguanas at my local petco. Only one out of the three were okay. There were mites crawling on them it was disgusting! The one that looked the worst was emaciated, so disheartening. I myself have an iguana and have read up my fair share of care of these beautiful...

Petco Animal Supplies / dog training package

Jun 12, 2019

Petco Animal SuppliesThe date 10/4/18 I bought a puppy training class in the great barrington Massachusetts store that day the trainer offered me a deal to get the adult training class, I was leaving the country for 4 months after the puppy class then they told me in the store that I could pay for and take the...

Petco Grooming / petco grooming

Jun 12, 2019

My two dogs were groomed at the petco brookfield, ct location on 6/7/2019. They are west highlander terriers. The person Kelly who usually does the dogs was the groomer. Now before I left we agreed short but the face to just be trimmed for the Westie look. She has groomed them before and...

Petco Animal Supplies / grooming

May 19, 2019

I got my digs nails trimmed at the Petco store off 287 in Mansfield Texas. Everyone there is friendly and professional, however while my dogs nails were being trimmed the cashier rung me up and asked if I would like to tip the groomer. I thought it was rude for her to ask in the first...

Petco Animal Supplies / grooming and bathrooms

May 19, 2019

I went into Stillwater, MN Petco to buy my daughter a gift for her new puppy and to bring my dog Bailey in to get his nails done. I was satisfied with the customer service at the front desk in grooming, although I think there should be a bigger entrance for customers to stand. While...

Petco / the halfway groom

May 10, 2019

PetcoSo after having a bad experience with petco's veterinarian service vetco and making a complaint about the way the veterinarian treated my animal and me I was convinced by store managers at the petco gig harbor washington that they would give me a 25% discount for bringing my dog in...

Petco Animal Supplies / grooming

Apr 13, 2019

Petco Animal SuppliesI took my golden retriever/chow mix for grooming. I explained with explicit directions what it was that I wanted to be done. That was to trim him up like the prior grooming before. The groomer even asked me to point to the hair length that I wanted in which I complied. Needless to say...

Petco Animal Supplies / prescription meds

Apr 10, 2019

I ordered prescription med for my dog 3 weeks ago. My vet never received a prescription request via fax, and they don't call in to place a prescription. I am trying to contact petco the 3rd time in 3 days, and each hold was over 40 minutes!!! There isn't even a way to file a complaint...

Petco Animal Supplies / prescription dog food

Apr 05, 2019

I ordered prescription dog food. Hills metobolic weight management chicken flavor, 17 lbs. The dog food requires a prescription or it will not be sent. My order was on hold for a week until the prescription was sent. I received a non-prescription "merrick" mini melody variety pack for...

Petco Animal Supplies / customer service

Jan 17, 2019

I had a horrible experience at this location and will never shop at this location ever again. The management consists of horrible staffing. I was helped by one young lady who helped me switch my dog food to Canidae after explaining to her about my picky eater. She took the time out to hear...

Petco Animal Supplies / green conure housing/animals for sale

Dec 05, 2018

Pet stores should not be selling live animals especially when they aren't even giving them proper care. The housing for the green conures in particular is extremely depressing. A single green conure is housed by itself with one toy and no other stimulation... one of the conures had ripped...

Petco Animal Supplies / deceptive advertising

Dec 04, 2018

Petco Animal SuppliesI take my 10 month old puppy to Petco in Closter, NJ for training and store-bought food. I would be considered a friendly and good customer with reward points. I received an email ad which promised $40 off orders of $100 or more for in store or online products in huge type with NO ASTERISK...

Petco Animal Supplies / unable to cancel an order

Nov 30, 2018

I placed an order for NexGard and HeartGuard from their website on November 23rd and they were going to get my vet's approval in order to ship these two medications. I supplied my vet's name and contact information as requested on the Petco website. The total charge with taxes is $113.62...

Petco Animal Supplies / pharmacy

Nov 20, 2018

I provided 3 prescriptions for my dogs food - hills science diet - and i kept getting the run around because it had my husbands name on the prescription ALONG WITH MINE - but he was not on the order. Your company CLEARLY doesn't care at all about getting the actual product to your client...

Petco Animal Store / manager

Nov 12, 2018

I have just literally walked out of the store and in disbelief. Regardless that my spouse is an employee, we came in as paying customers. I found a cat bed that was originally $19.99 and had an orange clearance sticker for $4.00. The manager came out and took a look at it, walked off...

Petco Animal Supplies / service

Nov 01, 2018

As I was checking out with my items, I had told the cashier that I also needed 30 crickets. It seems they have changed the procedure for purchasing crickets. In the past, the crickets were located by the reptile supplies. Now they are located at the front of the store, in which the...

Petco Animal Supplies / dog trainer

Oct 28, 2018

went into the store today and purchased over 100.00 worth of products. As I was leaving, the dog trainer yelled out at me rudely in front of his students. He and I had a falling out as I trained him but chose to be blatantly rude. He also tells customers that buy invisible fences, choker...

Petco Animal Supplies / selling live rats for snake consumption

Oct 25, 2018

I work at a Petco in PA. I understand that many reptiles have particular dietary needs, and need live crickets, mealworms, etc. But I absolutely DO NOT understand why live rats and mice should be sold as food for snakes. I dated a herpatologist many years ago and he always bought frozen...

Petco Animal Supplies / reptile housing

Oct 21, 2018

I was in the nampa, id petco earlier today, and there was a baby bearded dragon with severe mbd, possible loose substrate impaction because of the sand in their tank. Loose substrate can be deadly to bearded dragons because of the impaction risk. I almost bought him out of mercy to try and... / treatment of beta fish

Oct 21, 2018

The beta fish stacked up in small plastic bowls are lethargic and half dead. The trearment of the fish is reprehensible. Is thier water ever changed? Are are obviously not fed. The treatment of all the fish here but particularly the betas is so bad I only go to the pinellas park store to...

Petco Animal Supplies / food

Oct 20, 2018

Good Afternoon, On Saturday October 13th I purchased a large bag of beef grain free Merrick kibble and a 60 count Hickory flavor bag of Greenies pill pockets. We began feeding our dogs these products the next day. Both boys fell ill within days. Vomiting and bloody diarrhea. Both had...

Petco Animal Supplies / grooming at chesterfield mi is terrible

Oct 06, 2018

I paid 80 with a 5 dollar tip only to find out my dog did not get her ears cleaned and nails done. I am at the vets paying them to do what I already paid your people to do. I have been taking my lab there for years with out issue, but now you have a very young girl that feels that it's her...

Petco / dog grooming

Sep 27, 2018

Today my daughter took our dog to Petco to have her groomed and I also wanted her nails cut and hair washed and brushed I actually wanted her hair trimmed but again she said she didn't need it .This is the 2nd time I have took my dog to that location and I wasn't to pleased the...

Petco Animal Supplies / outrageous hawaii surcharge

Sep 24, 2018

I've been an online Petco customer for a couple years and was always happy. But today I was going to order a $27.99 bag of cat litter, and saw they want to charge me $33.49 in surcharges - this along with $5.99 shipping in handling. Completely absurd considering it would be shipped from a...

Petco Animal Supplies / guinea pig

Sep 15, 2018

I went in to petco today to buy things for my guinea pig and happened to see another guinea pig in a separate cage from the others with an EXTREME eye infection. Her eye was barely open and had a bunch of yellow crusts around it. I couldn't see her other eye but I assume it was the same...

Petco / price match their own chain of stores petco unleashed

Sep 14, 2018

PetcoThis is the third time I have been to this location and the service is Awful.Was not helpful at all, did not want to do a price check, would not accept a price match from there Own store Petco Unleashed. I could not even get Assistance from the manager on duty. I made my purchase and left...

Petco Animal Supplies / dog food

Sep 09, 2018

We have shopped at Petco for years. 2 weeks ago, we needed to buy Royal Canin Low fat GI food for our dog who has Pancreatitis. Because our vet was out, she wrote us a RX and told us to take it to wherever we could get it. Our dog can ONLY have this food. We looked online, and it showed...

Petco Animal Supplies / employment

Aug 23, 2018

We just moved down to Jacksonville, Florida from West Virginia at the beginning of August. My fiancee was a a member of core management at the store he worked at. He was told her could transfer to a store no problem. He called 3 stores with open positions on the company job board and they...

Petco Online Order Check Out / outrageous new surcharge for hawaii shipments!

Aug 18, 2018

Petco Online Order Check OutFor over 12 years, I've had great monthly online ordering experiences for my cat's food and his supplies.. Because Petco offers the Free Shipping Promo for purchases $49 and over for most of its products, it was a great and efficient manner to have my order delivered to my doorstep...