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My husband and I had taken our Yorkie to PetSmart for grooming over 1 year ago and received terrible service. The grooming was awful (tips on ears unevenly cut, silky hair cut too short, visor was crooked, w/big chunks of hair missing, and his inner ear hair was not plucked as it should have been). Not to mention, when we dropped him off, we were told to leave instead of staying to watch, because it may be too upsetting to him. I can understand dogs get anxious under grooming conditions, but why have a grooming department with glass walls?!?!?!... Where everyone in the store can watch him, except us?!?!?!? A year has passed, and we thought we would give them one more try, as we are desperate to have him groomed before we leave for vacation. So tonight we stopped in the PetSmart in Hiram, GA to inquire about an appointment for this week, and we were rudely told we had been "red-boxed" and they were refusing service to us!!! What a joke... "Red-Boxed", obviously some ridiculous term PetSmart executives have come up with in order to belittle and insult their customers. They were the ones who messed up our dog's hair!! We were completely insulted and will never shop there again! It was really the most ridiculous thing we had ever heard of... refusing service to a 10 lb harmless dog, just because they screwed up last time! I suppose they think they have some sort of "monopoly" on the pet store industry, but actions such as this will surely be the end of PetSmart!

There are plenty of other pet stores out there, and hope all of you pet owners who are reading this will consider shopping elsewhere. I'm sure you would hate to find out you had been "Red-Boxed" too!!!


  • Ja
    Jay Kay Jun 28, 2007

    I too had an equally and insulting time at the Petsmart grooming counter. I was running late, I called to tell them "hey, I am running late" should I cancel or can I still come in? They said sure, we can take you. I get there and there are 2 other people/dogs in front of me. I patiently wait. The first lady's dog is finally processed and taken back to the groomer. The second lady gives all her details and then is told she needs a note from the vet to show that her really big and fluffy dog is up to date on it's shots. The lady doesn't have this and I suggested that she look at the tags on her dog and call the vet. She the lady reads off the numbers and the Petsmart person calls the vet. Unfortunately, the dog isn't up to date on the shots. She the lady (who lives far away) is turned away. Now it's my turn. I gave the Petsmart person my name and told her I was on file (gasp, a repeat customer) but that I was running late. I told her that I called from my house and asked them if they could still take me today and they said sure. So, I got my dog, put him in the car and went directly to Petsmart. She looked at the time I was supposed to check in 10:00am and what time it was now (about 10:45am). She went to the back and came back to the counter and told me that I was too late. I explained that I called and they said it was fine. She stressed that I didn't come RIGHT-A-WAY. I told her where I lived and that I came right over (plus I was standing in line waiting for my turn). The Petsmart person said that the groomer has too many dogs and that they are leaving at 3pm. I said will what about that last dog you turned away. The Petsmart person just said "sorry". I was furious. 1) It wasn't nice to make me drive all the way out there to be turned away. 2) It didn't make any sense and 3) Don't say sorry when you don't mean it (you can't fake sincerity).

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  • Ro
    Roger Proctor Jul 04, 2007

    It was July 4th and raining heavily in Houston; I was 27 minutes late for my 12:30 appointment to have my dog shaved. I walked through the store no was in sight. I went to the grooming area and was greeted immediately - and that would be the last good thing to have happened on this, my last visit to PetSmart.

    The associate, Valerie said I was late and tried to make me feel as though I had done her some personal wrong by not driving faster to get to the store despite the heavy rain outside. I had to ask her several times what exactly "You're late" was supposed to mean.

    Valerie looked at the dog and then asked her coworker from across the room if she could see another dog today and was told "no". I was told again I was late. I had to ask for the third time what that was supposed to mean and thats when she said I would not be able to get the dog seen today. I understand a business being busy and being booked solid. I don't understand why I was being talked to like I was third class citizen.

    There was no eye contact, no smile; but there was a very real feeling that it did not matter if I left the store happy or angry. No other appointment times were offered, no "... may I call you if someone cancels or if we find ourselves ahead of schedule". Nothing. An offer to call another store could have been made. Something, almost anything rather than just ignoring me as if I was not right there in front of her at the counter. She acted like an ### who was more than willing to let me and my money walk right out of the store.

    I was walking out of the store when I heard the overhead speaker calling for someone. I thought "Great she is calling the manager on me to make herself out a hero or something". That is when I said to myself hell no I deserve to be treated better than this and I intend to let someone else know it. The manager was a professional but really did nothing to help the situation sort of giving me his business card.

    This happened on July 4th a 1pm at 10075 Almeda-Genoa Road. The manager was Jim Powell. I have to go to Walmart now.

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  • Jp
    j powers Jul 05, 2007

    Who ever thinks a 10 lb. yorkie is harmless has never groomed a dog before. They have more attitude than most big dogs and they are the quickest to bite. And of coarse rabies vacs. should be required, groomers are putting themselves at rist grooming dogs every day so we can make your pet look nice, or so we can take the matts off your neglected pet and at least they should have the comfort of knowing that if they get bit they wont get rabies and have to go through a series of painful shots. I am sorry to hear about the rude service, but grooming takes time and late customers put a groomer behind for the rest of the day for their clients who made a point of getting there on time. If you show up late for a docots appt., not only do you have to reschedule, but you pay a fee. Please try to see things from the other side.

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  • Sk
    sk Oct 14, 2007

    Amen to Powers' comment. A ten pound yorkie can do plenty of damage. Just because your dog is cute and friendly at home doesn't mean it behaves that way for the groomer. In regards to the glass windows, your dog isn't going to care if a stranger watches it, but if your dog sees you, he/she may become excited and bounce around the table hoping you'll come get him/her. This will making grooming the dog very difficult.

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  • Kr
    Kris Nov 11, 2007

    I will let you know that I disagree with this complaint. You were late! They have other appointments scheduled and are busy its not the groomers fault you are late. By the way A cute 10 pound yorker can be a matted mess where the groomer has to do what they can do to fix your little dog.

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  • Ed
    edwina Lewis Nov 14, 2007

    Hmmm. I don't know what "red-boxed" means, but I do know rude and insulting. I have to wonder about exactly what happened and the attitudes of the clients as well as the groomers or receptionist.

    Also, why, if the little Yorkie looked such a mess didn't the person call for a manager and have the dog worked on until they were satisfied.

    I have a Yorkie-mix and a Chihuhua-Maltese mix, and I have an appt this morning for them. It has been too long since I've had them in, as it was last time. But I was greeted with courtesy, treated with respect, and the dogs (I really hate calling them that :-)), who are apprehensive of anyone but me, were treated well, kindly, and calmly. They looked precious when I picked them up and I was told how sweet they both were to work on.

    No, I absolutely would not stand outside the window while they are worked on. In fact, I get out of the way as soon as possible. If they see me, they will definitely start trying to get off the table. While they are with the groomer, they need to see her as the Alpha. I'm sure all of the dogs above are precious and very loved. But, rules are made for a purpose and usually not just to be mean. PetsMart on Almeda-Genoa has been especially good to me, and I will continue using them until they prove otherwise.

    However, I will say that an employee should never be rude or insulting, and if there is a problem with a customer, it's better to call for help while keeping a smile on your face than to play tit-for-tat with someone who is already unhappy.

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  • Da
    danni Dec 08, 2007

    I am personally a groomer and I have been sent to the emergency room before because of a 4 month old yorkie biting the crap out of my hand. Some of the sweetest dogs can be the worst dogs to groom. Also, obviously they red boxed you for a reason. I have seen many angry owners in my time as a groomer and only rarely do we refuse service to someone because of a little complaint. It makes me wonder how rude you were to employee. Also I would just like to say... ITS HAIR, IT WILL GROW BACK!!!

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  • Da
    danni Dec 08, 2007

    Oh yeah, also about the comment about the lady being're late! Calling to say your late is one thing so I will give you that much. But as for the lady that just showed up late without calling. What do you expect? It isn't fair to the customers that showed up on time. By them taking your dog, it puts them further behind and makes every dog they already have there take longer to get done because now they have to work you in too. Also, did it ever occur to you that maybe they had taken a walk-in dog because they didn't think you were still coming. And about the big hairy dog that they tuned away, it could have just been a bath dog. Bathers and groomers are too different things. A bather cannot take your groom dog in because they had to turn away a bath dog.

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  • Al
    Alicia Gail Jan 14, 2008

    Well first of all i am a groomer at Petsmart, and "red boxed" means that you pretty much are a ### not that i know the situation but we have never refused a person that is "red boxed" we have to serve the person ..not only could it be you that is red boxed it could be your precious little dog that is the problem because it could of been that your dog was the reason they refused to serve you. And like the person in the previous comment said you were LATE! we have time for some walk ins but most people dont make them and if it was on a weekend they deff were booked up.. rabies is a must we wont even do a simple nail trim on a dog without rabies or we could get FIRED! or have to get 7 shots in the stomach ok id rather not get your money than have that.

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  • Le
    lenoriarose Jan 18, 2008

    I have had some mixed experiences with petsmarts grooming department. I think its really a hit and miss with groomers. At our typical petsmart (in Evansville, IN) the groomers have alwasy been great! They treated our little yorkie puppy like she was some form of a princess and she loves going to get groomed. The people are gentle and are the best. However, we brought our Yorkie to one in Northern Kentucky and it ended in a terrible vet experience. The woman said our Yorkie wasn't the problem, she just was talking to someone else, not payin attention, and our Yorkie's paw pad. The manager on duty really wasn't for sure how she accomplished this but she was rushed to the Banfield. The vet said she was good to go, gave us some pet medication, and was off.

    Luckily, the manager at petsmart themselves was great! He wasn't exactly comfortable, giving my mother her business card and said feel free to go to our own vet. Well, we brought her our vet and what was suppoe to be a "few days of medication" ended with a month of medication and stitches. Petsmart themselves was great about the whole experience, the groomer was not.

    I say don't blame petsmart or be rude to the people. Just go somewhere else. As I said, its a hit and miss, just like any large chained business.

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  • Vi
    Vincent Mofford Jan 23, 2008

    Most of the traners teaching there groomers are not qualifid to groom. The managers training managers are not qualifid to manage. DMs fier only there best qualifid help to protect there own positions. Bad employes do not get fierd for any reason. all employes are abused.
    There is little to no profesional matenence to salon equipment, all expected to be done by the 19 year old grooming manager. Water and elect. dont mix. The new power washer being introdused is shore to take out a few eys and reduse quallity and effort from
    Over charging is policy (steeling from customers).

    I can go on but it only gets wurst.

    Speaking from close observation over the last 4 years of A north east district

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  • Le
    Leanne Adam Jan 25, 2008

    I personally don't like small dogs as they often bark, bite and have attitudes far bigger than their size. They are treated with so much lenience by their owners who DO NOT discipline their little shmoopy whoopy. Dogs are dogs whether BIG or small.....they need exercise, discipline and then love. I can't even believe how many small dog owners don't WALK their tiny dogs to burn off their anxious energy!!!!

    My St. Bernard and Bernese love PetSmart in Mississauga & Barrie Ontario, Canada. I frequently DROP IN w/o appointment to get their nails done. The groomers do their best at a job that doesn't offer DANGER PAY. I like them!

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  • Vi
    Vincent Mofford Jan 25, 2008

    I know one good DSM that was lucky to escape back to Canada
    Canadians are nice people

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  • Vi
    Vincent Mofford Jan 30, 2008

    Southern New England PETsMART nowlonger offer nail trims. You must get full nail @ ear packedge.

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  • Je
    Jennifer Feb 06, 2008

    I am a groomer, and believe it or not, we actually have a pretty tough job. It's not playing with cute puppies all day like some people think. Cut us a little slack. Dogs are unpredictable, so we are constantly on edge. Plus, we not only have to deal with bad dogs sometimes, but also bad owners. We can't please everybody all the time.

    Would you be happy all day at work if you had to clean up pee, poop,anal glands, and vomit? Or if you had to shave down horribly matted dogs, treat dogs with a flea infestation, or be the one realize that some of the pets you're working on are suffering in a bad home? What about with people calling you a "###" or an "###" because you follow the policies and don't make exceptions just for them. What if you were being watched through a window all day long like a circus sideshow?!
    Grooming isn't as easy as it looks. If it were easy, I wouldn't have to be trained for it. If it were easy, I wouldn't have a job. And if it were easy, I wouldn't have to fix your dog's jacked-up haircut since you decided you wanted to play with the scissors today! Mistakes are made in grooming as in every job. So if you can do better... then do it. Simple as that.

    All we ask is that you make an appointment, show up on time, let us know about any problems, trust us with your dog, and pick the dog up on time. Its nothing out of the ordinary, only out of respect. I'll have no respect for you if you walk into my salon with no shot records for your pet, and give me grief because you drove in from out of town. Lets go back. You walked in. You forgot the records. You didn't bother to call and ask questions. I have better things to do than ruin your plans. Sorry to disappoint.

    When you drop your dog off for grooming, there is no need for the tears. You're leaving it for a bath, not a major surgical procedure. Don't wait outside the window for hours with tears in your eyes and fear on your face. If you're going to do that all day, you really need to find something better to do with your free time. Let go of the chain, seriously. We love animals. If we didn't, we wouldn't have taken a career in caring for pets. Asking us if we beat dogs is an insult to us, and is not funny. People often ask if their dog was good for grooming. If you cant handle the truth of whether or not your dog was good , then don't ask. We will tell you if something is wrong. If your dog is so bad for grooming that we cannot handle it, we'll simply send it home. If it's viscous, it'll go on the red-block list. If you're viscous... so will you.

    And by the way, I don't know about other salons, but our equipment is maintained properly.

    Sometimes my words can be harsh, but they're also strong. And I do not apologize for things I say when I believe in them. I stand behind my job and my fellow associates.

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  • Gf
    GFine Jul 27, 2019

    @Jennifer So just how do you explain it when a groomer does what THEY want to a dog TOTALLY AGAINST the wishes and instructions by the client????? If you don't like your job, choose a different field. After what you wrote, there is NO WAY I'd EVER leave my dog to be groomed by you or even unsupervised! BULL about TRUSTING YOU... I've heard way too many complaints from pet parents about how groomers do whatever the hell they want and then make excuses. I won't let my Cavalier KC Spaniel near a groomer! I do it all myself because there is no way I would want mine shaved like I've heard groomers do when you tell them not to. We have a right to be fearful. Granted there are SOME good groomer but those like you - I would NOT TRUST. You obviously have NO understanding that the pet is MORE than just a dog or cat to us. They are FAMILY MEMBERS. I've seen the groomers at the Petsmart in Olathe KS YANK the dogs around harshly. One about fell off the table because of the groomer's attitude. The dog was clearly MISTREATED. So, you don't have a right to tell us that you groomers are all so wonderful. Go find a different job.

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  • Mi
    Milagros Gibbons Feb 19, 2008

    I took my labradoodle puppy to Staten Island PEt Smart the ladies were so rude and they did not even look at you they treated dogs in the grooming areas as they did not care screaming to them, hitting them to be quiet. When I came back my dog was extremely nervious as somebody tried to killed him, he was scared, crying and very anxious. I dont know what they did with him in the bathing area but these miserable people just are a big corporation without any consideration to thei principal customers, our pets!

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  • Ca
    Casey Feb 20, 2008

    I don't know where you people live, but as far as Colorado, the petsmarts here are very professional and courtious. If they piss you off, then just stop going. There's plenty of other people for us to get our money from.

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  • Je
    Jenn Mar 06, 2008

    A) If you see people yelling at or hitting the dogs, why would you leave your dog there???

    B) If PetSmart groomers are hitting dogs, they are fired. If you actually see that, you call a manager and tell them what you saw. Then that person can be fired. That is not tolerated at PetSmart. They DO care about animals, and only hire people that they think care about pets, and if that person turns out to NOT care about pets, they're GONE.

    C) It is human nature to treat people how they are treating you. If you are rude and mean, it is very difficult for the person you are treating that way to be pleasant and courteous to you.

    D) If you are rude, they are perfectly in their rights to not accept you as a customer.

    E) If your dog's haircut looks bad, there are two reasons, one more common than the other: 1) (not common) the grommer does the cut a different way than you are used to, i.e., some groomers do a "square" poodle head but most people are used to a "round" poodle head, and it is no reason to stop going to that shop because the groomer did a square head on your poodle. Just ask for a round head and that's what you'll get. Or 2) (most common) your dog was a brat and wouldn't sit still and kept nipping at the groomer and wiggling etc. so the groomer couldn't get a straight cut line.

    IT is up to YOU, the Pet's Family, to train your dog to accept being groomed. Groomers are not trainers so it is wrong to expect them to do it for you. You need to do that yourself, at home. That doesn't mean you have to get some clippers and all the stuff you are paying someone else to have, just teach your dog how to sit still, accept brushing, accept having its feet and nails handled, its legs lifted, accept loudish, constant noises without freaking out like a vacuum or hair dryer, and how not to bite people if he or she doesn't like something.

    It you don't know how to do that, go to a dog trainer.

    And please keep in mind that most people who work with pets do so because they love pets. Usually more than they love people. If they are in the industry, they DO try REALLY hard to work with the people who have the pets, but if you are rude, demanding, "###", etc., they are perfectly in their rights to be rude right back.

    Also, check your dog when you get it back. If her ears weren't plucked, say, "You forgot to pluck her ears," and guess what? They'll FIX it! Amazing, huh? If you don't like the result, SPEAK UP. They will do whatever they can to make it right. Don't go home and sit and stew about it for three weeks until finally calling the store to complain once there's nothing that can be done and you're so upset that there's no talking you down, when it's your fault you're so angry anyway because you didn't SPEAK UP at the time so they could fix it!

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  • Je
    Jenn Jones Mar 13, 2008

    I've been a groomer for nearly 20yrs, and at the same shop for 14yrs, which has been in business for 25 yrs. PetSmart came to our town, Muncie, IN. , I'd say 7 or 8 yrs ago. PetSmart affected our business at first, at bit, but now we joke that we should be sending them a thank-you card for all the business we recieve via their dissatisfied customers.

    We get several new clients a week who "took their dog to PetSart last time and" . People openly tell us that their dog didn't act right when they picked it up/brought it in, the cut was bad, the groomer was rude, they were handling the dogs rough, etc. As a groomer, I know dogs need to be handled firmly, not roughly, and I know alot of groomers are rough. If you don't have patience, you shouldn't groom at PetSmart in front of a big window.

    It all depends on the groomer. Our shop isn't fancy, in fact it's a mess. We book up quick, so we're not very convenient. We're not the cheapest shop in town, but yet this mega company can't compete with us and it's because of the difference in the skill of the groomers.

    Complaints about PetSmart groomers, in my opnion, should be directed at the groomer themselves. Although PetSmart chooses to employ groomerswith poor skills, the groomers themselves who are lacking skill.

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  • Fr
    fred Mar 23, 2008

    I understand your complaint, and some of the others as wee, regarding Petsmart and sympathize, to a point.
    Some of the complaints were that the staff did not seem to care if you spent your money there or not, that they were rude and unfriendly, etc. Well, that sucks, but what do you expect from a big box store like Petsmart? The staff are poorly treated by management and customers alike. They get beaten down to the point where the goal is to make it through the shift.
    When you shop at one of these types of places, you get what you paid for. These low prices do not materialize out of thin air: they materialize out of cutting corners and poor service.

    Go to a real groomer which is staffed by people who love dogs, where the store is owned by a dog lover, and your dog will get a loved dog experience.

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  • Ni
    Nicci Apr 01, 2008

    Loads of things I could say about Petsmart but, staying on topic, lol... Petsmart groomers are trained to do "pet" cuts. This is quite different from classic breed styles that you see in the dog shows. Most "pet parents" are happy with the level of grooming they offer because their pups are only pets. If you want a more polished and professional look on your pet, do your research and find a qualified groomer elsewhere who specializes in show cuts. You may pay more money but, you'll be much happier in the long run.

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  • Am
    amber Apr 08, 2008

    I think you have nothing better to do with you live i work at Petsmart and deal with people like you every day and still keep a smaile on my face when a cutomer it late we try to call if we cant get a hold of you then we will take in another dog in your place, do you people not understand that if get mad because your dog is so matted that he cryes to be brushed we have to shave him it is your fualt you cant take a few min to brush him did you ever think about that we deal with so many people trying to get free groomes for us because we are a easy target, when you dont pay we dont get pay for i hard work, Maybe you should learn how to groom yourself so you can give you little pet the best little hair cut and see how you feel about brushing matts at of you dog that crys, All the people that work there love pets that is we we work there so stop trying to get a free groom we dont want people like you coming to are salon/ you lose us money and time.

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  • Li
    Lindsay Wilson Apr 09, 2008

    All I know is that when my local petsmart is called about appointments you are told to just "walk in" since they always have room. My theory is if they always have room for the most part then someone who is 30 min late should still be taken just taken on the "walk in" basis.

    I think some people do get crazy with pets but others just want a quality job that they are paying for. If you do not demand a supervisor and the job fixed then it is shame on you. If you are being over picky and putting some poor person through hell because you had a bad day or you are just never happy then that is horrible and you should be ashamed. Now if you are one of these groomers and you hate what you do and dont do a good job then you should be looking for another line of work!!!

    There are always 3 sides to every story; his, hers, and the truth (or hers, hers, and the truth however you want to put it)!!!

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  • Re
    Renee Apr 15, 2008

    I agree Pet Smart grooming SUCKS!!! I am a owner of a Yorkie and she was butchered by the Pet Smart groomers. I am very specific when I am giving instructions on how to cut my Yorkies hair... and I wasted my breath because it was all disregarded. I have had my Yorkie for about 2 and a half years and it has taken that long for her to grow the feathery hair on her ears which is my favorite part... I asked for them to slightly trim the ends (like cutting split ends) and they buzzed all of her hair on her ears off...I also asked for them to even out her beard and they decided to chop that off as well... my Yorkie is hairless and looks a hot mess... she has chuncks that are missing everywhere... not professional at all... They saw that I was very upset ( and it took everything in me not to cause a seen) however they did nothing to make it better...the groomer said that she would put in the computer that I didn't want her ears cut for the you think I am going back???

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  • Bo
    Bonnie11 May 11, 2008

    I took my 5 month old Shichon to PetSmart, she weighs 9 lbs. they did a great job of grooming, but I thought the price of 49.80 was a bit much for a dog of this size. Now I have made an appt. for June with a groomer who runs his own shop and will charge me around 38 dollars which is more in my price range and he comes highly recommended.

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  • Gr
    groomer May 11, 2008

    First- EVERY pets mart is different i happen to groom at the #1 pets mart in the company...and needless to say we are busy, and popular. i do a damn good job and i work my ### off to make my pet parents happy with the end result...and my co-workers will do the same. if you come in late (just a little, which is about 30 min to an hour in our store) and ether kindly explain the situation or call ahead of time. unless we are completely swamped we will try to still take you, it just may take a little bit. if you are red flagged ether you dog is to untrained and stressed to be groom and needs to go to a vet, has severely bitten someone, you are rude and nasty to our employees (who ARE people despite what some might think) or you complain to get free stuff on a regular bases. every store is different and being red flagged does not necessary mean your not allowed back but is our store we will right a comment stating whether or not you are allowed back. EVERY GROOMER has the right to refuse service if they are uncomfortable with the situation. period...smaller dogs are meaner than bigger dogs ans harder to control (nothing to hold on to) we charge based on our time. just like you wont go to work and work with out being clocked in. we are not going to work for free or do extra work for free that our job thats how our ills are paid and we put food on the tale. if you are 30 min. late that can put me an hour behind. at the 8 hour mark i don't get to just drop everything and leave...i have to finish my dogs...even if it means working a 10 hour shift do to bad dogs, late dogs, and matted dogs... we do not accept any kind of abuse in Petsmart, groomers have to be stern and have to be the alpha or nothing will ever get done...despite what you think most dogs do not want to get groomed its like you child throwing a fit because they don't want to go to the doctor are you still gonna take him? anyways if some was abusing a dog the would be fired. what people don't realize is their perception of whats going on could be very different from what was actually going on. someone tried to say a groomer raised his fist to hit a thats not what happened, the dog bite the groomer and the groomer quickly pulled his had up and away from the dog IN PAIN. the customer thought they were dog some great service by voicing their completely untrained opinion to the manager. when in reality they just got him yelled (for "LOOKING frustrated in front of a costumer") at and pissed off for the rest of the day...if you are not a groomer or it is not your dog then you really have no idea what is going on and its best if you mind your damn business. yes if you try to watch you dog getting groomed it is a horrible distraction for both groomer and dog. ps - packages, price changes, and policies are by corporate PETSMART. please do not get a nasty attitude and ruin my day because i''m going by my jobs rules. your job has rules. if your dog bites me and has had no rabies shot i have to get six shots to the gut...yeah you think i'm gonna risk that to satisfy you because you cant keep your ### straight"? and shorts are required in most states. all of our equipment is inspected weekly. so when you have a ### experience at the groomers don't just say PETSMART. because first of all you probably had something to do with it because all we do is cut the hair, and second of all these complaints have NO REFLECTION ON ANY PETSMART I HAVE EVER BEEN INVOLVED WITH. so take your concerns to that stores district manager. if one of my customers comes to me with a problem i will do what it takes to make them happy because their business keeps my lights on...and its more than that. many of my loyal pet parents trust me and i them...i know when they get divorces and i help give them the best advice on longer lasting haircuts when money is tight, their wonderful pups get presents for all the major holidays. i even have some customers with very bad dogs that cant afford 100 vet visits every month, that i work with on trying to get as much as i can done...i am more than happy to work with you but you have to work with me as well.

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  • La
    Laure35 May 26, 2008

    In response to Jenn Jones:
    I'm shocked that a 'fellow-groomer' could think that just because a customer brings their pet in and says that they had a bad experience somewhere, that it means the place is automaticaly awful! Shame on you! If you really think no one has shown up at a PetSmart complaining the same exact way about your salon, your dead wrong. EVERY shop/store/salon has complaints. Don't kid yourself. I have been managing my salon for 11 years now and am surprised at your ignorance about this. It's kind of scary that someone could run their own salon and honestly think no one complains about them the same way they complain TO them! It's laughable, actually!
    I also want to point out, PetSmart is a HUGE copany. That doesn't mean 'impersonal' actually means that they have the money to spend on the things that really matter! Like their grooming academy. It is overseen by serious people who understand caring for animals first, skill second, and company liability third...and although it's own liability may seem like an evil concept... it still means that they watch out for all the things that matter to you and your pet... in most cases, more so than independant shops that have less heat on them. Think about it.
    They hire smart, skilled groomers. If they don't cut it (ie: if they are bad/ abusive with pets 1st of all, have crummy skills 2nd, and/or crummy attitude & personality) they are gone before they can hurt any pets.
    'Bigger' and more well known doesn't make a place a puppy mill! If anything, it means quality assurance, and not slipping through the health/safety cracks. I'm not trying to say that the only thing that makes these groomers good is that 'big brother' is watching them, but it seems to be the only way to get through to the people that think the bigger the company, the less they pay attention to the pets.

    Oh... and FYI...PetSmart groomers don't just know how to groom 'pet' cuts...we are AKC & CKC grooming standard trained (certified, that is). We are trained meticulously on the anatomy/temperment of all green book breeds. And like in any salon anywhere in the world... some groomers in one salon can be more skilled than the next in that same salon...don't pile us all into one group when making your choices, please.

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  • La
    Laure35 May 26, 2008

    oops! Also wanted to let you guys know, sometimes if a dog is jumpy, the result is a chopey, and even unfinished groom. People...WE DON'T WANT TO CUT YOUR DOGS EAR OFF!!! If it jumps, just ONE time, it CAN happen!! This is why they leave looking this way sometimes. I'm sure there are really crappy groomers out PetSmarts as well as private salons; But your puppy, who I probably think is adoreable, too, can still raise hell when it's scared and nervous. We pull every trick out of our bags to try to make the groom go 'perfect' or even ok, but pets are NOT humans, and don't sit still without you telling them to like when we get our own hair cut, right? And if the pooch is too jumpy, stressed or scared, I stop immediatley before he bites and or does a head-butt at the SHARP INSTRUMENT in my hand! Don't you 2 yorkie chicks (Renee and Valerie) get that?? These are not kitchen scissors...they are professional shears and blades. We really do have a much more intense job than the average person realizes. (that I love never the less because I really do adore ALL the dogs!)

    Oh...and tip your hairdressers, right ladies? And they don't even clean up your poop! lol...sorry, had to be said ;))

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  • Pe
    PETSMART GROOMER May 28, 2008


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  • Su
    Suzzanne Jun 10, 2008

    I used to take my Siberian in to Petsmart, every week for grooming. I received poor service as well as poor attitudes from the want-to-be groomers. I paid for low shed, bath, nails, ears, etc. When I picked my dog up on serveral occassions, he was wet, his ears were dirty and he acted tramatized. I tried to find a complaint line, still have not been able to locate that line. Hell, I paid $50 a week for 2 months and never got the service promised, . The only reason I took him there was because they were on my way to work and on my way home.

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  • La
    Laure35 Jun 18, 2008

    um, having your husky bathed once a week is one of the most unhealthy things you can do for it. Try once a MONTH! AT THE MOST! Of COURSE he was took him to get bathed weekly!!! Huskies are SNOW dogs...not WATER dogs...and they tend to hate being brushed and bathed more than most of the breeds out there! I feel really bad for the poor thing!

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  • Sp
    spiralsands Jun 25, 2008

    I brought my bearded collie to Petsmart groomers only once. He came home still wet, smelling like a wet dog, and tangled like they just didn't have time to brush him out or dry him off. At the new groomer, he comes home dry, shiny and fluffy smelling like a flower and he had a neat little plaid bow on his head. A little sissy but it was nice. I paid the same amount for both places. The latter was the one who got the big tip though.

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  • Gr
    gromer Jul 03, 2008





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  • Ba
    Barking Jul 04, 2008

    It is all in the individual experience of the groomer and Pet Smart does take people with no experience and put them thru a very poor brief training and call them experts. keep in mind that this is a chain store business. Hense the "mart' in the name refference, its marketed to the public same as w mart. Never hurts to ask if you may meet the person who will be working with your dog.

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  • Wo
    wonderbread Jul 05, 2008

    It really doesnt matter if its a large or small breed. a dog is a dog no matter how you look at it. its the stuck up i think im rich ### that are the problem. its hair it will grow back. i would love to trade places with half the people on there that are complaining for one day... i know that it wouldnt even take that. for one we groomers work in a ###ing fish tank and you ###ing thoughtless "pet parents'' want to watch and let your damn kids beat on the glass. thats how your ###ing dog ends up at the vet. granted if i could get away with it i would tell you all off. I've only worked in the salon for 18 months; but in that time ive had a customer grab me from across the counter, been sent to the ###ing "er" clinic 3x and bit more than that. All you ###ing wanna-be dog lovers need to realize that this is one of the hardest jobs you would never think of.

    My personal fav though is people that think they can just buy clippers and its a do it yourself job... I cant even beging to count the times that ive had to fix some ###ed up home groom cause someone thought it was "easy"

    1. Brush your dog and it wont have to be shaved
    2. Take your dog to training class
    3. Dont try this at home

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  • Am
    Amy Rodgers Aug 01, 2008

    I took my Sheltie to Petsmart in Muncie, IN and I didn't like how they did his fur. It didn't look like at all that he was groomed. He was scared too but he is that way in the car so I'm not sure if they did it or if it was just him. I won't take him back there again.


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  • Cr
    Cristi Aug 17, 2008

    I took my 6 month old Yorkie to Petsmart in Sherman TX. My sister has a Cokerspaniel and was happy with what they did for her. My Yorkie had badly matted hair on the top of his head, he had gotten into something sticky, it was all in his hair. I couldn't brush it out so I thought I would take him to a professional. They tryed to brush it out and ripped all the hair out on the top of his head! I think they should have cut it out if it wouldn't brush out easily. The top of his little head is red and bloody! Then they said he was too jumpy so they couldn't trim his face, well no ###! you just ripped his hair out, why would he sit still and let you rip out some more? And they charged me full price for a hair trim, but didnt finish it. I understand that they couldn't finish, but they shouldnt have charged me for work they did not do. This was his first trip to any groomer so I didnt expect him to behave perfectly, but I also didnt expect them to give me back a bloody dog!

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  • Be
    Betsy Spicer Aug 21, 2008

    I worked in a Petsmart grooming dept. With what I saw everyone should be glad they got their babies back alive. The manager boasted of his LSD trip week-end. Anouther groomer had 3 drug arrests one with an intent to distribute. I was told I did'nt fit in, thank god! We bathed in cold water the babies shivered. The last dog I bathed there I cried the whole time. I work for a good groom shop now and our dogs want to come in. Whats that tell you?

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  • He
    Heather Borg Aug 25, 2008

    I have worked for different grooming salons for years and Petsmart is by far the most professional. Each Groomer has to be safety certified and follow a binder full of policies that, if broken, can result in termination! Privately owned salons are full of people just trying to make an extra buck and i have seen dogs hung from nooses just for biting at a brush or held up by the neck when being dried because they are afraid. These people dont care about your dog they opened a salon because people need their dogs groomed and sooner or later they will get business.
    What I know about Petsmart is that you have to be a drug-free person(they will drug test)
    All groomers have the right to turn down grooming a dog if they think it wont be done safely (humanity before vanity)
    Dogs are required to have their shots
    All dogs have water in their kennels
    There are no heat producing kennel dryers (that can burn and worse, kill pets)
    pug nosed and breathing challenged dogs are not to be muzzled or kennel dried
    If you see any groomer mistreating a dog or you dont like your groom, its free! tell a manager, Petsmart has a 100 percent guarantee on all of their services

    And most of all this is how we pay our bills, if we dont groom dogs we dont get paid there is no in between. Pet parents should know that not all dogs behave well, not all dogs are excited to be groomed and if you feel your groomer doesn't care about your pet then make sure you let them know and their supervisor.

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  • Ch
    chris12 Sep 12, 2008

    We live in ky and went to florence one the lady was on her cell phone right when we got up to her and she was like that was my family they taking me out to lunch I was like ok we took our dog out there out to get her toe nails done and the lady was so rough with my dog she was pulling on her legs and everything so when she was done I was like does she get a bow because it came with the package and so did the breath spray none of that she got I guess she wasn't good enough she was yelping and crying never again will I take her out there again

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