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My husband and I had taken our Yorkie to PetSmart for grooming over 1 year ago and received terrible service. The grooming was awful (tips on ears unevenly cut, silky hair cut too short, visor was crooked, w/big chunks of hair missing, and his inner ear hair was not plucked as it should have been). Not to mention, when we dropped him off, we were told to leave instead of staying to watch, because it may be too upsetting to him. I can understand dogs get anxious under grooming conditions, but why have a grooming department with glass walls?!?!?!... Where everyone in the store can watch him, except us?!?!?!? A year has passed, and we thought we would give them one more try, as we are desperate to have him groomed before we leave for vacation. So tonight we stopped in the PetSmart in Hiram, GA to inquire about an appointment for this week, and we were rudely told we had been "red-boxed" and they were refusing service to us! What a joke... "Red-Boxed", obviously some ridiculous term PetSmart executives have come up with in order to belittle and insult their customers. They were the ones who messed up our dog's hair! We were completely insulted and will never shop there again! It was really the most ridiculous thing we had ever heard of... refusing service to a 10 lb harmless dog, just because they screwed up last time! I suppose they think they have some sort of "monopoly" on the pet store industry, but actions such as this will surely be the end of PetSmart!

There are plenty of other pet stores out there, and hope all of you pet owners who are reading this will consider shopping elsewhere. I'm sure you would hate to find out you had been "Red-Boxed" too!


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Sep 21, 2018 8:10 pm EDT

Store #: 6134 E. Colonial Dr., Orlando Fl. I took my tiny YorkiePoo to the groomers at this PetSmart, she only weighed about 3 lbs. when I was told she was ready about 35 minutes later. No one said anything to me but gladly took my money.
Seconds later, I was holding my tiny YorkiePoo and her face on the left side was quite swollen, both her eyes were filling with blood. Her Vet was in the same PetSmart at Banfield, I immediately ran in there and they started working on her right away. Her Vet sent an assistant right in to talk to the groomers to find out what happened. They refused to talk, the Vet himself went in to speak to them and was so angry, they again refused to talk to the Vet. The Groming Manager was called and said her employees already called her and nothing had happened.
My tiny YorkiePoo was in critical condition and almost died.
The Grooming Manager was just nasty and refused to talk. We even said we were not trying to Sue anyone, we just needed to know what happened as the Vet was frantically try to save her life. My dog still suffers from trama to her ears.
Stay away from this grooming salon. Several other pets also suffered at the hands of this salon and the grooming manager is useless.

Oct 09, 2016 3:17 pm EDT

My experience with my two little dogs was far from pleasant at the petsmart Barrie, Ontario, they wrote my phone number wrong, left a message on a wrong number, i was late getting my dogs on a Saturday, one got an ok haircut but my shi tzu got sick he has a bad cough probably from the chocking collar they used and fever, he has no hair under his neck plus very irritated skin, they gave me "pawgress report "saying he was HORRIBlE, and i paid the double of money i pay in the other place, unfortunately they were too busy until the end of the month and we could not wait.
A total lack of respect for us costumers, if they cannot handle a dog they should call the owner and stop hurting the animal, i thought they were professionals since is a corporation but is truly just a business that care just on making a profit.

Aug 29, 2016 7:50 am EDT

While in store on 7/26/2010, CASHier informed me that while giving me a grooming card with a treat attachd that I could get my new pup of 2 months groomed for $5.99. I thought this was really a fantastic but questionable price and questioned her for a second time if that was the price. She for a second time said that would be the price. The next day, I called to set up an appointment and the clerk stated that the price I was given was incorrect and the price would be $10.99. I made the appointment for the next day and when I inquired what the price would be, I was for a second time told another of $15.oo. This was indeed a bait and switch game.

Mar 17, 2013 7:18 pm EDT

I'm about to leave my job as a dog bather at my local Petsmart. I think the groomers deserve a LOT more credit then what they get, because their jobs are so difficult. Also, like me, they all start off as a dog bather. Being a bather I worked along side the groomers, and I give them so many props for the ### they deal with. Being a dog groomer is just like being a cosmetologist for people, with the same amount of complaining and pickiness from a customer, but the client often does not want to cooperate, will bite and spin around the table, and just cause a ruckess like you wouldn't believe. Groomers get paid commission so any misbehaving or late dogs they have to spend extra time working on do not get counted as "over time" if the groomer winds up having to leave way later then they were scheduled to. I can't STAND my job as a bather. We get the biggest dogs, and they have the build of a carnivore with the mentality of a scared toddler. They flail, scream, shriek, and when they are REALLY stressed, will try to bite. They fall off the table, do alligator rolls and bite while we try to blow dry them, and are the absolute worst to do nails on. Imagine being scheduled 8 or 9 bath dogs and then having to deal with walk in nail clips and grinds on dogs that are totally time consuming and uncooperative. Personally, I think walk ins should be banned on weekends or busy days, as all they are are a hindrance. The nails can wait. If it's such a dire issue, go to a vet and quit wasting our time. Bathers wind up quitting every month at my pet smart and I'm barely making it past the one month mark. It sucks even more because the attitudes of our customers. I can understand your frustration, but please, try to put yourselves in our shoes.

Jul 11, 2010 3:36 pm EDT
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We just had our dog shaved at pet smart. The only reason we peed them was because there was an urgent need . In the past, we learned ththat getting a dog groomed at petsmart should only be done in an urgent situation. The staff at our store in KNOXVILLE tn are indifferent at best relating to customer service. The don't seem to appreciate the customer and treat them as if they are just a hindrance or a bother on their time.This is sad because when I worked in a sales position with a children's shoe store, I would have been fired if I was ever rude or disrespected a customer. The customer is why you have a job in the first place ! Our dog was shaved very quickly . They said he would be ready by 3-4 pm...he was done by 1. Not sure what happened but the job was obviously rushed and when my husband picked the dog up, theady told him he didn't do well, not suprised. I usually take our dog to a private groomer who loves dogs and has over 30 years of experience.Most of the groomers I've seen at petsmart are young or youngish, have multiple piercings ( not professional) and come with a snarly attitude as in, bosses don't care . You get what you pay for. Or in the case of petsmart, not always, but the real gripe should be with the managers who hire the rude people and don't train them how to be professional in dealing with customers in the first place. Seek out a groomer you like and don't be naive and believe everyone will give you and your pet wonderful service *yat because they offer grooming.its your responsibility to yourself and your beloved pets.

Feb 05, 2010 12:04 pm EST

I took my Yorkie to the petsmart groomer in Durham, NC. I dropped him off at 8:30pm so that I would make it to work on time even though his appointment was at 10. I called a head and asked if this was okay and it was. When I picked my dog up after work I was overcharged for services I never asked for and the appointment wasn't made for and much more importantly my dogs eye was injured. I understand soap in the eye can sting, but it was much more than that. His entire right eye was blood red and running so I took him to the emergency vet. $200 later plus the incorrect extra charges from petsmart, which since they did do the services they would not refund me for, the vet told me that my dog had experienced sever trauma of being hit in the eye and his pupil was damaged.
The next morning I went back to petsmart with my medical bills and spoke with the grooming manager who told me that they had no record of my dog getting injured at their location and implied that I hurt my own dog. The words she used were "it's ashamed animals can't speak and that you can't prove anything happened here." The only place my dog was all day long was at the groomers, he was dropped off and picked up there and as soon as I got home and noticed his strange behavior I saw his eye. Not more than 10 minutes passed that he was out of the groomers and the manager had the audacity to imply this was my fault somehow.
Now I have to return to my vet three more times to check his eye and see if his vision is recovering and I didn't get so much as a refund or any compassion from anyone at petsmart. I had been going there for 2 years with my dog and will never go back ever again. Instead of a refund for my overcharge I was offered a free service next time, yeah right, so they can damage his other eye. There was no paperwork at all about my dog, whether he was being difficult for the groomer or not, no documentation-and I was never made aware of any problems he posed in the past 2 years he went there so I don't think this can be blamed on the dog.

Just like the others have said if your running late give the groomer a call don't show up at 11 when your appointment was at 9. Then get mad at the groomer because you were not on time and didn't call. Your the one being rude. I agree the groomer should have never said anything to you about the red box. But there must have been a good reason for you having a red box. Keep in mind your dog should go to the groomers about every 4-6 weeks. Alot of people don't realize by letting those matts get worse on the your dog its cuts of blood circulation. I groomed 2 dogs over the summer who had serious matts on the ears. When the matts finally were removed the blood was able to flow in the veins on the ears again. The ears then began to bleed and become all red. I think all dog/cat owners should read up a little bit more about the health and care of there animal. That way they won't be ignorant and blame groomers for there missed behaving animal for grooming. If you are seeing someone abusing animals say something. If your not saying something was it really happening?! Or are you mad because the groomer wouldn't take you in for showing up 2 hours late for appointment?! And smaller Pet salon are going to have the same type of problems as companies like Petsmart and PetCo. Also if you look up information on dog grooming most deaths from dog grooming happen at smaller salons. Why because they don't have all the polices like Petsmart has. So to those people on here who own your smaller salon don't down Petsmart and Petco. Your not any better.

Nov 07, 2009 12:18 pm EST

Wow I am amazed at the complaints. I don't have a dog but a himilayan that goes to petsmart and it is great.
My question is why on earth if you see abuse going on don't you say or do something and if employees are rude get a manager. If you were in a park and saw someone abusing a child would you just ignore..I hope not, people lacking in the ability to respond to such situations are part of the reason it continues.
I have been to petsmart when someone comes in late and I was next, when they were advised they needed to reschedule the customer got rude and I told them that if they made an appointment just like with their doctor they need to be ontime.
Clipping dogs and cats is not easy I can do it myself but prefer not and I am ok with that.
I think its great to vent but think out the entire situation and see if it could have been handled different on both sides for the employee, the animal and its owner.

Sep 30, 2009 11:45 pm EDT

I agree that PetSmart grooming isn't very good at all. I live in Reno and I took my Yorkie in to get groomed, I gave the groomer three pictures of exactly what I wanted...I wasn't looking for a champion show dog haircut. All I wanted was for my puppy to look like a cute fluffy teddy bear, and he came out of the groomers looking nothing like one. I'm not really picky about cutting my puppy's hair, but I was really dog looked like an ugly rat...I made it clear I didn't want them to touch the hair on his face, but I guess I didn't make it clear enough...I previously took my other Yorkie about a year earlier and the same thing happened, but I thought I would give PetSmart another chance, but I came out with the same results. The groomer knew I hated the cut, since it looked nothing like the three pictures I gave her, but I didn't make a big deal out of puppy wasn't matted either. I groom him everyday, and he is mellow around other people since he is really shy. Waste of $45.

Jul 28, 2009 2:05 am EDT

I work at Petsmart, and you definitely should have been treated better! But although we all follow (or are supposed to follow) all the policies and procedures, all shops are different. One Petsmart could have an "I could care less manager", who lets the groomers abuse dogs and be rude, while another Petsmart in the next town over could have a wonderful manager who will not tolerate anything but sweet baby talk and smiles. Groomers in a salon usually emulate their manager. If all/most of the groomers in a salon are yelling, being rude or ignoring customers, it is likely they are following an example. Please don't write off all Petsmarts because one shop was stupid.
You should not have been told you were "red-boxed" (which is not even the term we use over in our district). I do apologize for that. It is not made to belittle customers as you aren't supposed to know about it. It is a warning that pops up when we pull up your information. For example "Fluffy does not like the top kennel-if you put her in one you will not be able to get her out and she will viciously attack you" or "owner has been here 10 times and has had a free groom 10 times. Maybe we should suggest an alternate salon as we cannot seem to make her happy" You should have taken your complaint to corporate because most likely talking with the store managers won't do anything as they see that behavior from their associates all the time and obviously condone it as they are still working there. Corporate customer service exists so that they can try to make each customer happy ("delighted" is the word they like to use which I think is a little overzealous), and prevent them from going online and "red-boxing" petsmart.
I think others have stated it perfectly--it is extremely stressful for you to be watching and in sight of the dog and to have it not be able to "go to mommy". Can you imagine how heart-wrenching that is for a dog? They don't have an opportunity to settle down and accept the groom and get to know the groomer. They just know that mommy is watching, she knows I am upset but WHY ISN'T SHE WITH ME? They do not find it comforting if you are there. I have been grooming for 5 years at Petsmart and not once have I seen a dog calm down and enjoy/appreciate it's parent's presence through a window.
Find a salon you and your dog loves-you owe it to her. But Petsmart is not evil. We are the only place with strict enough and consistent enough policies to prevent the most accidents/deaths to pets. We love animals--our job is extremely stressful and we are not paid enough for it. We must love animals to work there--I know I do!

Jul 24, 2009 1:40 am EDT

I've always used Petsmart grooming services and never had a problem. I have a very sweet black lab, all of the groomers know him by name and they are very excited to see him. However tonight, after nearly two years of using Petsmart, I was shocked when I inspected my dog's stomach. It seems as if the groomer scraped his stomach and cut him a bit. I touched the area and Rocky is in obvious pain. I can't believe it, I cringe at thinking the pain Rocky must have felt. See for yourself.

And who do privately owned shops hire? Most dog grooming only comes from experience... and working at Petsmart I have seen a few groomers that haven't been trained by Petsmart but they have actually gone to grooming school outside of petsmart's school. But in this industry skill typically comes from experience and paying attention to how others groom.

Sigh... I sometimes have to take a big step back, yesterday I had a particularly bad day trying to be patient with very rude customers. I had this guy come in trying to get an appointment... he didn't call ahead or ask questions... he just stopped by assuming we'd fit him in. We did have one appointment available but I told him we need to see a copy of his rabies certificate or if he had the phone number I would try to contact his vet. He then proceeded to berate me, pointing to his dogs rabies tags saying, "WHAT does this look like to you? Ok... ok... how did I have to get this rabies tag missy?" Basically, he talked to me like i'm a complete ###... by the way, keep in mind customers that dog groomers do not equal stupid. Dog grooming has been a second choice for me after I went to one of the best colleges in the country and decided I wanted to do something besides sales... just trying to follow a career that although is very difficult, where I enjoy being around animals all day.

Please keep in mind that if you're late and your groomer is already busy... that can easily mean her measily half hour lunch break goes *poof* and so she doesn't get written up she must clock out while working through her break. Not only that she might still not leave work on time and doesn't get paid extra. Management is extremely critical of the groomers and they keep track of how long they clocked in for the week. SO, if you are late... the groomer stays late... then they get chewed out if they have extra hours clocked in for the week.

Customers make it seem like dog grooming is so easy and will complain about how long it takes to get a dog finished. Have you noticed we have no receptionist? So guess who answers the phone? Guess who has to answer any questions customers have? Meanwhile, we're constantly calculating how much time we have left on each of our dogs... typically we have three or more in the salon at a time, bathers sometimes five or six at most.

Checking in dogs, checking out dogs, answering the phone, answering questions, bathing a dog correctly, drying a dog correctly, cutting a dog's hair correctly ALL TAKE TIME. Even if a dog is good. If he's bad... guess what? It takes longer. Some dogs don't like water and thrash around or even bite while being bathed. Drying is typically even harder... and sometimes the more gentle kennel dryers don't even work. There are some dogs that get so nervous from the dryer that they poo everywhere... if they step in it, we have to rewash it.

Despite all this, most people that are in this business just love animals... I know I take the view that pets are a lot like taking care of kids although much more dangerous. But it's not like we get to play around with the dogs all day after they're dropped off... it's a rare treat when we do get a little time to just talk to the dogs a few minutes, because typically there is always something that needs be done/cleaned in the salon.

Please just lay off the groomers, do you really want to stress out the person handling your pet?

Apr 15, 2009 1:07 am EDT

Pet Smart and Petco are NOT the place to get your dogs groomed. They hire people who do not know what the hell they're doing.

Apr 02, 2009 2:36 pm EDT

oh please wtf ever seriously ppl i work at a petsmart grooming salon i absolutely love animals if i didn't i wouldn't be working w/ them in our salon we do whatever we CAN do to keep the customers happy & the pets & groomers safe if ur turned away, your dog's sent home, or it has a bad haircut it's almost always bc ur dogs a total [censored]head & believe it or not we aren't paid to deal with dogs who obviously haven't been told no a day in their life u need to discipline ur dogs ppl & why don't u actually try getting them used to a salon when they're puppies (2 months is good time to start bringing 'em) instead of bringing us a 6 month old matted to the skin dog & then be pissed bc we can't cause ur lil darlin a [censored]load of pain by brushing those matts out i love the dogs it's the owners i can't stand most of 'em have a holier than thou attitude sure we get a lot that are nice but we also get a lot of owners that are total ###s & more than likely those employees that were oh so rude had to grin & bear ur rudeness bc they're just following policy if they treated the customers like crap they'd be fired in a heartbeat if u had a bad experience then don't bring ur dog back bc believe me we don't want to deal w/ ### attitudes like urs all day long

Mar 22, 2009 1:08 am EDT

I'd like to say to anyone who owns a cocker spaniel(can apply to other dogs too) please do not feed your dog before you bring it in or at least make sure you let it take a good ### before it gets groomed because most cockers and some other dogs like to ### contantly throughout the groom causing you to have to rewash the dog many times. cockers have the specialty though of waiting until they're mostly dry then they start to do barrel rolls and start ### everywhere then the dryer hose will hit the ### as its coming out so you get covered with ### confetti causing the dog and now you to have to be rewashed. If your dog is old and cannot stand up take it to a vet to be groomed. dont complain about you dog being shaved when you wanted him fluffy because be honest you didnt comb him all the way through everyday. you may have "brushed him" but gliding over the tops of the mats does not remove them. and dont be selfish if you dog is very matted do whats best and have him shaved. start from scratch because when you insist on it being dematted so you wont be embarresed or have to look at it that is painful for your dog no matter how gentle the groomer is the dog does not care what it looks like all that matters is that it is clean and mat free nails trimmed and healthy. plus when puppies first experiences are of being dematted they are more likely to hate grooming than enjoy it. Oh yeah and all you people who wait to get your dog used to grooming till its 4 to 6 mos or even older are freakin retartded take them for grooming asap 10-12 weeks is good for a start puppy bath and dont chase your dog with the hair dryer at home it doesnt make for a good grooming experience and if you stay and watch your dog being groomed and see him trying to get to you or being jumpy and hyper HIDE SO HE CANT SEE YOU YOU'RE MAKING YOUR DOG WORSE use common sense dogs are dogs not people they need consistent rules and disipline find a groomer you like and stick with that groomer your dog will appreciate seeing someone familiar and you can build a trusting relationship

Feb 25, 2009 12:01 pm EST

Yes when the dog sees its owner they get overly excited and will not sit still...that is the reason you were not supposed to watch, especially since the groom wasn't done very well may have been the groomers fault but they will always promply fix anything there for you and it may have been crooked bc your dog was wiggly. If you are rude and complain they will refuse you bc they feel that they cannot adequately perform to your needs and suggest going somewhere else so that you do not complain again and get a free groom. Also in all honestly they dont get paid that much and you aren't worth their time.

Feb 16, 2009 11:33 pm EST

I have been grooming for 12 years now I started with petsmart and loved it. I have been to 3 private shops that i was not happy with. Except for 1 cause i got to work by myself in the store. Needless to say I am faithfully back home were i belong, at Petsmart. I just love it there no abusing dogs, no ruffniss. Policies and Procedures are our job to follow, unfortunately we don't make up the rules, we just have to follow them. Also as far as the extra's go i don't mind charging extra for certain things but i don't like raking the customers through the coals neither. I want them to come back, if the dog is matted and charging extra is to be done that so be it. I love being friendly with the customers and getting kisses from their dogs they just melt my heart. I f the girls have dogs they need to be firm with that 's one thing getting carried away is another. Anyway through shifting from shop to shop i find petsmart is my home. And i think i need to get a life, but i so love my job.

Feb 16, 2009 10:52 pm EST

I am a groomer at Petsmart and I love my job, yes our job can be very trying of our patients and we may say stop or sit still, but to hit or abuse a dog does not make you a groomer. Pet parents are dropping there dogs off in our care to be groomed approaching the dog in the right way is the best way for everyone. This shows the parent that they can leave there dog in our care and they will be taken care of. Everything should be explained when the pet is being checked in for matts, extra brushing exct.. and to let them know of any extra charge and why so there are no surprises. This I find makes the pet parent happier. As far as bad hair cuts or nicks on dogs hey sometimes it happens but no eye contact with pet parent or just plain being rude is not a good thing, apologize for any inconvinience offer waiting list or reschedule for another day. If I do a bad cut on a dog usually the dog was very antsi, but i explained situation to pet parent so they understood why it was not perfect and usually they are pretty good about it.

Nov 22, 2008 7:57 pm EST

I think it is time to have the Goverment step in and make Groomers pass tests to show like hairdressers that they are truly qualified to groom!Safety needs to be a must!We should be goverment certified!

Nov 18, 2008 9:55 pm EST

this is kinda ridiculous none of you people know anything about grooming obviously. first off when you sit and watch the groomer work it upsets the dog because they want to get to you so bad and they wiggle alot more than if you werent there. and do you really want your dog to be wiggling with extremely sharp proffessional grade scissors near them? I didnt think so. second rabies info is a MUST no matter how "fluffy" the dog is I have been hurt by far more fuzzy harmless looking dogs than I'd like. its a safety precaution to make sure all dogs are safe and vaccined. its owner responsibility to keep up on that its not the groomers fault if the owner is negligent. no matter where you go there's going to be crappy groomers. I've heard of just as many upper scale groom shops lopping off ears and doing a poor haircut just as much as I have heard of chain stores. dont just jump on the bandwagon of hating on those guys just because you can. research. grooming is not a regulated profession so get off your high horses. alot of people work for petsmart grooming because they need health insurance and a steady clientel that many smaller shops dont have. they have to eat too you know. To even want to become a groomer you have to have a love and dedication to the health of dogs its extremely hard work and I welcome any of you complainers to go try it and tell me how it is.not all petsmart groomers are horrible there's always a couple to ruin it for everyone but most of them are skilled.

Nov 18, 2008 10:19 am EST


The only place that sells is Iams. We all know what they do with test animals...

How many companies find a creative way to expliane dead goldfish, and worse dead parakeets at the botoom of a cage?
How dare PetSmart schedule me for an appointment!?

No big deal. Not gonna happen in my dog's lifetime.

You are a franchise... almost feels like vet's on parade.

Oct 30, 2008 5:27 am EDT

Once again another intelligent petsmart groomer!Well one out of twenty groomers that actually love the art of grooming and has some brains...but make sure you go to atlanta and ask for groomgal so far she is one of the many few petsmart groomers that actually care!Just so that last groomer knows it is against policy to do a dog that may harm you! So if your managers are putting you at risk document it and call human resource. This company needs to wake up to how they are treating the employees!I would hope that when petsmart first started it was with a good heart!But they need to see the monster that it has become!Maybe not in all it stores but in a most of them and as a pet owner do you want to take that risk?Many of these groomers are right off the street and are told of all the money they can make! It is not an easy job it takes skills, patience and much more!Your pets eyes and throats and lives are at risk I have seen and heard so many horror stories not to mention a few groomers in the New England district have been serious injured so the groomers are at risk also and most of the groomers are on anti-depressants because of the job stress.It is hard to leave a job with benefits and steady pay so these groomers learn just to survive and it becomes like a bad reality show trying to become number one. Management is mostly COLD cooperate! AGAIN SHOW THEM THE $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$I HOPE STOCKHOLDERS ARE READING THIS AND THEY LOOK INTO THEIR LOVED PETS EYES![well your at it picture whos hands are on the scissors trimming the hair around them]

Oct 28, 2008 10:36 pm EDT

As a groomer at Petsmart, I am deeply offended that you think every groomer beats the dogs and is a bad groomer. It seems like people who bring their dogs to be groomed think thaty they deserve to be treated like royalty. It doesn't matter what time you show up for your appointment, if your dog has a rabies vaccine, or if we have said we can't groom your dog because it is vicious or because of problems we have had with you, the pet parent, in the past. We should just appreciate the fact that you we gracious enough to come to our salon, and we should bow to you and say whatever you say, your majesty. When you go to your doctor late for your appointment, your late is a good enough excuse, but for dog grooming it isn't? Contrary to what pet parents seem to think, we don't stand around all day waiting for you to bring you wonderful 10lb. yorkie for us to have the honor of grooming. Honestly, I hate yorkies, they are awful dogs to groom, and bite more then most other breeds during grooming. As for the rudeness that you were shown, perhaps if you hadn't come in with an attitude, which it seems like you already had, maybe you wouldn't have be treated the way you were. Groomers are people too, and unfortunately, once in a while, dealing with dogs that are fighting, biting, and screaming in your face can put you in a bad mood, as well as customers who are nasty because they showed up late, they forgot their rabies information, or whatever other excuse they can come up with. Really, most private grooming salons wouldn't groom half the dogs that Petsmart accepts, so you, the pet parent should be grateful to us for being willing to accept your little terror of a dog.
If you don't like Petsmart, why not go somewhere else? I have had multiple pet parents tell me 3 or 4 times that at this salon they do this, or at this salon they do that...why do you continue to come to Petsmart then? Because we are the only ones who will groom your dog.
Get over yourself and accept the fact that the world isn't supposed to bow to you, if your late, your late, just like anyone else, if you don't have the necessary paperwork, we can't groom your dog, just like anyone else, and maybe your dog isn't the perfect little angel you convince yourself it is, its probably just another spoiled brat that gets away with whatever it wants.

Oct 25, 2008 4:35 pm EDT

Like I said petsmart could be a great place but they need more people who Love the skill of Grooming and not the money and more important the Right Management TEAM! nice to hear from a "a fellow lover of our craft"

Oct 25, 2008 2:34 pm EDT

I want to begin by saying, I am a groomer, a petsmart academy taught groomer, and each individual has a point here. Though some comments are nastier than others. I wander how an animal loving spirit can foster such meanness. Trying customers are always going to happen. What matters is your ability to handle these situations without them escalating. This equals bad reputation for all Petsmarts. I do know how frustrating customers can be. Our only defense is handling rudeness with kindness and decorum, this way, at least the other customers within earshot are not put off as well, and are left believing the truth (that the woman being hostile is to be ignored, scoffed at, and in most cases, you'll warrant an apology from the one not even giving you grief. I do love it when that happens.

Now, I have also worked at a clinic, and for a privately owned boarding and grooming facility. And will say that the privately owned shop scared me. The treatment of the dogs was unbelievable and I was left with no choice but to quit. As an animal lover, this behavior is wounding to your soul.

There will always be 2 kinds of groomers. The ones who truly love their craft and those who love the money. But, those in it for the money will certainly receive their karmatic blow. (hopefully in the form of a large sharp mouth on their butt) All we can do is wait for those types of groomers to fail and take control of their grooms and their customers. I have found that if you work with a questionable groomer, you don't have to abide by any company loyalty and keep your mouth shut. Don't. Speak up. Tell the customer, "I would like to apologize for the service you have received, your next groom will be of no charge, but only if you ask for me. I love animals, I have _ at home and I would not want to be feeling the way you do. Trust me to make this right for you and you will NOT regret it." Honestly and compassion will win the day 9 out of 10 times. This also pisses off the really careless, money hungry, crappy groomers. So, it's a double whammy! :)

In closing I say to all my fellow lovers of the craft, keep letting your mind and heart guide you. Thank you for the work you do. Sometimes it's a thank less task, so I'll offer plenty of them. The work you do is important and it does matter. this is made evident by every lick you receive in thanks for stripping a matted coat. In every filthy ear made clean and pink again. In every nail filed low. In every anal gland expressed. can't you see and feel the appreciation from these? That's all that matters to me. I will try to please parents, but my heart is in pleasing and making healthy the animals in my care. they always come first.

Oct 15, 2008 6:24 am EDT

WOW! that last "Groomer" is not only a groomer she is a mind reader! My daughter and I have groomed many pets with the owner standing right next to us! With our shears freshly cleaned and sharpened.My customers all have rights to their own opinions therefore they are always Right!Unless maybe that "Groomer" can read your pets mind too! Who knows maybe Petsmart trains their "Groomers" to do that as well.Grooming should come from your heart not your desire to make money$$$$$$$$

Oct 09, 2008 11:10 pm EDT

Are you seriously complaining about being asked to leave while your dog was being groomed? You weren't asked to leave because the dog was nervous in a "grooming situation". You were asked to leave because YOU WERE MAKING THE DOG NERVOUS! It is extraordinarily difficult to groom a dog while his or her owner is visible to him or her. Your visibility was more than likely causing the dog to be distracted and wiggley, possibly worse. Groomers work with SHARP OBJECTS and your dog moving around because he can see YOU is asking your groomer to dodge bullets. As for being "red-boxed", based on the article you posted, you probably deserved it and I certainly would not put myself in a situation to deal with someone who has been very rude and dissatisfied in the past. Chances are, you''re not going to be happy this time, either. There's also a pretty good chance that you've already made up your mind to be unhappy about SOMETHING and there's really nothing to be done to make you happy. Personally, I would not tell a customer if they were "red-boxed" or considered negatively. But you have to stop, look in the mirror and ask yourself, " was I really red-box worthy?" Take a few moments to really consider your own behavior, then look at the actions of the employee. Contrary to an appearently popular belief, the customer is NOT always right. In fact, more often than not, they are completely wrong.

Sep 14, 2008 6:49 pm EDT

please for the safety of your pets use a private groomer who is not enforced a productivity level[$$$]u can stay and observe the groom and there is no idiot DM or DSM EX-SHOE SALES MAN who is dictating expectations on the groomer!Some groomers are in it for the LOVE some for the $$$$$ U need to be wise interview ask questions stay observe! I have groomed 20yrs and seen it all! Petsmart could be a GREAT company BUT New England has a $$$ hungry DM running the district who thinks her social life is more important then your pets!She lets her friends BULLY the groomers and dictate the rules! Using policies that are there for safety reasons to Bully the help not ensure safety in other words if you drink and party with her you can break all policies but if you dont she will lie and say you broke policy to fire you!

Sep 12, 2008 3:00 pm EDT

We live in ky and went to florence one the lady was on her cell phone right when we got up to her and she was like that was my family they taking me out to lunch I was like ok we took our dog out there out to get her toe nails done and the lady was so rough with my dog she was pulling on her legs and everything so when she was done I was like does she get a bow because it came with the package and so did the breath spray none of that she got I guess she wasn't good enough she was yelping and crying never again will I take her out there again

Aug 25, 2008 8:05 am EDT

I have worked for different grooming salons for years and Petsmart is by far the most professional. Each Groomer has to be safety certified and follow a binder full of policies that, if broken, can result in termination! Privately owned salons are full of people just trying to make an extra buck and i have seen dogs hung from nooses just for biting at a brush or held up by the neck when being dried because they are afraid. These people dont care about your dog they opened a salon because people need their dogs groomed and sooner or later they will get business.
What I know about Petsmart is that you have to be a drug-free person(they will drug test)
All groomers have the right to turn down grooming a dog if they think it wont be done safely (humanity before vanity)
Dogs are required to have their shots
All dogs have water in their kennels
There are no heat producing kennel dryers (that can burn and worse, kill pets)
pug nosed and breathing challenged dogs are not to be muzzled or kennel dried
If you see any groomer mistreating a dog or you dont like your groom, its free! tell a manager, Petsmart has a 100 percent guarantee on all of their services

And most of all this is how we pay our bills, if we dont groom dogs we dont get paid there is no in between. Pet parents should know that not all dogs behave well, not all dogs are excited to be groomed and if you feel your groomer doesn't care about your pet then make sure you let them know and their supervisor.

Aug 21, 2008 8:18 pm EDT

I worked in a Petsmart grooming dept. With what I saw everyone should be glad they got their babies back alive. The manager boasted of his LSD trip week-end. Anouther groomer had 3 drug arrests one with an intent to distribute. I was told I did'nt fit in, thank god! We bathed in cold water the babies shivered. The last dog I bathed there I cried the whole time. I work for a good groom shop now and our dogs want to come in. Whats that tell you?

Aug 17, 2008 9:31 am EDT

I took my 6 month old Yorkie to Petsmart in Sherman TX. My sister has a Cokerspaniel and was happy with what they did for her. My Yorkie had badly matted hair on the top of his head, he had gotten into something sticky, it was all in his hair. I couldn't brush it out so I thought I would take him to a professional. They tryed to brush it out and ripped all the hair out on the top of his head! I think they should have cut it out if it wouldn't brush out easily. The top of his little head is red and bloody! Then they said he was too jumpy so they couldn't trim his face, well no ###! you just ripped his hair out, why would he sit still and let you rip out some more? And they charged me full price for a hair trim, but didnt finish it. I understand that they couldn't finish, but they shouldnt have charged me for work they did not do. This was his first trip to any groomer so I didnt expect him to behave perfectly, but I also didnt expect them to give me back a bloody dog!

Aug 01, 2008 6:04 am EDT

I took my Sheltie to Petsmart in Muncie, IN and I didn't like how they did his fur. It didn't look like at all that he was groomed. He was scared too but he is that way in the car so I'm not sure if they did it or if it was just him. I won't take him back there again.


Jul 05, 2008 8:59 pm EDT

It really doesnt matter if its a large or small breed. a dog is a dog no matter how you look at it. its the stuck up i think im rich ### that are the problem. its hair it will grow back. i would love to trade places with half the people on there that are complaining for one day... i know that it wouldnt even take that. for one we groomers work in a ###ing fish tank and you ###ing thoughtless "pet parents'' want to watch and let your damn kids beat on the glass. thats how your ###ing dog ends up at the vet. granted if i could get away with it i would tell you all off. I've only worked in the salon for 18 months; but in that time ive had a customer grab me from across the counter, been sent to the ###ing "er" clinic 3x and bit more than that. All you ###ing wanna-be dog lovers need to realize that this is one of the hardest jobs you would never think of.

My personal fav though is people that think they can just buy clippers and its a do it yourself job... I cant even beging to count the times that ive had to fix some ###ed up home groom cause someone thought it was "easy"

1. Brush your dog and it wont have to be shaved
2. Take your dog to training class
3. Dont try this at home

Jul 04, 2008 12:36 am EDT

It is all in the individual experience of the groomer and Pet Smart does take people with no experience and put them thru a very poor brief training and call them experts. keep in mind that this is a chain store business. Hense the "mart' in the name refference, its marketed to the public same as w mart. Never hurts to ask if you may meet the person who will be working with your dog.

Jul 03, 2008 8:12 pm EDT





Jun 25, 2008 9:23 am EDT

I brought my bearded collie to Petsmart groomers only once. He came home still wet, smelling like a wet dog, and tangled like they just didn't have time to brush him out or dry him off. At the new groomer, he comes home dry, shiny and fluffy smelling like a flower and he had a neat little plaid bow on his head. A little [censored] but it was nice. I paid the same amount for both places. The latter was the one who got the big tip though.

Jun 18, 2008 2:24 pm EDT

um, having your husky bathed once a week is one of the most unhealthy things you can do for it. Try once a MONTH! AT THE MOST! Of COURSE he was took him to get bathed weekly! Huskies are SNOW dogs...not WATER dogs...and they tend to hate being brushed and bathed more than most of the breeds out there! I feel really bad for the poor thing!

Jun 10, 2008 11:40 am EDT

I used to take my Siberian in to Petsmart, every week for grooming. I received poor service as well as poor attitudes from the want-to-be groomers. I paid for low shed, bath, nails, ears, etc. When I picked my dog up on serveral occassions, he was wet, his ears were dirty and he acted tramatized. I tried to find a complaint line, still have not been able to locate that line. Hell, I paid $50 a week for 2 months and never got the service promised, . The only reason I took him there was because they were on my way to work and on my way home.

May 28, 2008 9:15 pm EDT



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