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Penske is famous for race cars and truck leasing, car sales etc. They have a very glamorous reputation. One of the things that no one knows about the Penske empire is that they help any company with trucking employees, reduce, or phase out the older employees from the labor market. This was the case with 30 workers that were working for the Indianapolis Star. The Indianapolis Star, gave the employees a "Sign On" bonus to move from the Star's payroll to the Penske payroll. Every single year, after moving to the Penske payroll, the employees took wage reductions, lost job assignments to non-union workers. The Penske workers, of course were made to keep paying union dues to keep their jobs. After years of asking the workers to take pay cuts, finally Penske came to the workers and said, THEY (The Indianapolis Star) want you to take a $5 per hour pay cut, and we are not even going to let you vote on on it. So you're pretty much out of a job. This is a perfect example of two very large companies working together, to reduce your standard of living, with total disregard for the Union contract they were supposed to be following. (we were paying union dues and had a contract) The union was in on it as well, every greivance that was filed, was answered with the response "no-merit"


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    bones56 Dec 10, 2010

    could not agree more the cheap ### will not even pay for christmas eve or christmas day even though the ford plant is closed for two weeks and are getting paid for everything.hope everyone of his race teams blows a motor every race all season long and i am a big race fan. ROGER PENSKE SUCKS!!! pay you for MLK day but not for the birth of Jesus . may you rot in hell roger you cheap ###!!!

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