Penske Corporationused car

I am a retuning customer who bought 2 used cars over the past year. First experience was a good one. Second had some issues in which I submitted a complaint to you and was addressed. Thursday 9/26/19 I went in to buy my 3rd car this year. I never felt so unappreciated in my life. Finance would not work with at all. After about 1-1 1/2 hrs they said there was nothing they could do. Every offer they gave me was absolutely ridiculous. So I left and within 2 hours I went somewhere else and purchased the car. I asked the the dealership why they were able to help me and the Nissan could not. After explaining to them what happened, he said we all use the same lenders and it sounded to him like they did not want to be bothered. I am greatly disappointed and will never return to Nissan again. I now am a Toyota fan. Sal Gamba

Sep 28, 2019

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