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V Mar 09, 2017

Dear pegasus airlines,

On the day 25 january 2017 me and my husband were suppose to start our vacation in france ski resort.
We took a connection flight from tel aviv to snt. Exupery airport in lyon with a connection in istanbul (Flight number pc780 and pc431)
Usually we enjoy flying pegasus airlines due to your punctuality and a good service.
But this time our experience was totally different and very disappointed.
Our flight was delayed for almost 2 hours. We arrived to istanbul airport 2 hours later than it was scheduled. And as a result we missed our next flight pc431 to lyon.

The company representative informed us that we should wait for our next flight for 2 days and offered us a hotel. It was unacceptable for us because our expensive and short vacation was organized and prepaid already. We were suppose to be in france this same day! The rented car was waiting for us in st. Exupery airport this day. Also we had to get to our rented apartment at the same day as well. Otherwise we would experience penalties for cancellation and other inconveniences.
We asked pegasus representative how we can get to france today, and she offered us a flight to paris in 3 hours from then. We had no other choice but take this flight. Though it changes our plans and caused us a big inconvenience and time consuming, because we had to find a way to get to lyon airport from paris at the same day!
From paris airport we took a tgv train to lyon. Finally we got to our destination (Les arcs ski resort) only at midnight. The original plan was to be there at noon and make all the ski & hotel arrangements. So, we missed half day of our vacation and had a long and exhausting trip instead.

I have to admit that it was a quite large group of people which missed their connection flights from istanbul because of this delay. Pegasus representative’s attitude and service was insensitive, curt and not kind at all. They even did not apologize for this delay in front of all these customers!

As a result of flight delay, we were forced to pay 100 eu for the tgv train tickets plus internal urban transfers from orly to gare de lyon, and missed half day of the vacation (Which is half day of the ski-pass value - 94 eu)
We value this loss at more as 200 eu in personal expenses.
I would appreciate if your company would compensate for our loss with a eu200 voucher or 50k pegasus points so that we can give pegasus airlines the chance to provide a better experience next time we fly.

I have to say that in the past 5 year we’ve been a loyal customers of pegasus airlines. We enjoyed the company service, punctuality and an affordable prices. We would like to continue use your service in our future trips. Hope you will answer to our complaint and improve the issues i’ve mentioned.

Victoria kuperman
Frequent flight number: +[protected]
Vic. [protected]@gmail. com

Dimitry friedman
Frequent flight number: +[protected]
Dima. [protected]@gmail. com 2017

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