PC Richard & Sonservice request for my 2 yr old refrigerator

J Aug 11, 2018

Today is Saturday and my refrigerator has not been working since last week Friday so it has been 8 days now, after calling to get them to expidite we got an appt for the Tues, my husband waited all day and the tech came at 5:00. Tech had to order part which would take 3-5 days and suggested be call the next day to expedite. I called the next day thand customer service rep said he had the shipping expedited so it should arrive Fri and he scheduled a tech for Saturday ( today) I asked to be the first stop due the inconvenience and he said he will try. Thursday they called to say the part arrived and scheduled a tech so obviously my Sat appt was not in their system. My husband got them to get us in on Sat instead of next Tues. I have made 6 calls to day to try to get an update and get the tech in early since I have a previous engagement for 3:00 and neee to the grocery etc to prepare. It is now 2:30 and I am still stuck in the house because one supervisor said the tech is in Montclair and they got him to switch things around and I am next so they should be here within the hour, it's been two hours. At 1:00 I got a text saying they would be here soon and a link to track the tech. He was in Nutley, then Belleville, now in Bloomfield but not at my house. I called back they said he is two blocks away on a big job and he will come after so I guess all ththe calling to get the time slot or 3-6 was a waste because by the time he gets here it will be after 3:00. I wasted my money getting a warranty with PC Richards I should have just put it in the PSEG worry free contract like my other appliances

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