PC Richard & Sondo not buy an appliance from them unless you use a credit card.


My P C Richard & Son Credit Account--didn't know I had one!
There was one strange thing in this transaction: they seemed to have my name and address in their computer and insisted I had a p c richard & son credit account. I was 99.9% sure that I had never bought anything at p c richard & son so I didn't understand that and said he must be mistaken. I charged the refrigerator to my Visa card as I had planned, which turned out to be a good thing.
About fifteen years ago, I had bought a television for a friend by opening an account to get a discount and I figured maybe it was a p c richard & son rather than Best Buy or Sear. Later when I checked with my friend, it had been Best Buy, so I am now 100% sure that I have never purchased anything from p c richard & son before and still wonder if that is some kind of scam where they are running a credit check instantly on people and trying to get them signed up for a p c richard & son credit account.
When I got home, I called the bank that handles their credit accounts and they checked by my social security number and they had no history of me every having any kind of account. This made me feel safer about possible identity theft but I am still not sure if this was an honest error or some sort of an attempt to trick people into opening credit accounts. I have no explanation of why I am in their computer system unless this is some kind of scam. The bank couldn't provide an alternative explanation, either.
The next day, I went back to the store to arrange for the insurance certificate for the delivery to be faxed to my building's management office. If they were to show up without a correct certificate, they wouldn't be able to make the delivery and I wanted to avoid problems. I spoke to Penelope behind the counter, who was very helpful. When I called back, she confirmed that the insurance company was faxing the certificate and later when I checked with the office in my building, they had received it and all was in order.
My advice is do not let them talk you into that because you may need the protection provided by your credit card company just as I ended up needing it. Do not buy an appliance from them unless you use a credit card. Do not pay cash, do not write a check, do not use their credit services.

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