Payless Car Rentalerror in rental charges

D Nov 15, 2017

I booked with Payless car rental through the Orbitz website. My total cost with all taxes and fees included was $94.80. Ended up being charged $143.88 3 days after I returned home from my trip. They accept charges for you to acquire and are deceitful and pushy. I would be ashamed to work for this scam job. Can't even call it a business. They have done this to thousands of people all across the country. I never thought to even look at reviews, but I should have and will never rent from them again or any sistering company's. Declined all extras and insurance, returned car with full tank of gas, cleaned the inside and didn't damage the outside. No reason for an overcharge. I would like my money back! This company needs to be shut down. Have documented proof of everything and still the incorrect charge.

Payless Car Rental

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