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I've been waiting for my PatPat shoe order for over a month. I've tried everything to get in touch with customer service for an explanation, update, or a refund. I've never been able to speak directly with a customer service representative because I get the voicemail system when I call. I've emailed customer service and Ms. Allen was unhelpful and rude. She did not help me resolve my issue and she did not reply to my most recent email. My order number is #786040 and my name is Kristin Owens. I will be contacting the BBB if this issue is not resolved soon. I'm very unhappy about this and I would like help please! My email address is [removed] and my number is [removed]. I appreciate any help I can get at this point.


  • Da
    Dave Jr. Apr 08, 2017

    you should definitely contact to BBB regarding this issue

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  • Mc
    McGriff Rock Jun 08, 2017

    I'm going through the same thing, I have an email string of customer service saying there fixing the issue and will get back to me, then I hear nothing for days. I ordered my 8 year old daughter shoes on April 17th and yet to get an answer about where my order is or if I can get a refund. Completely unprofessional and I will never promote there business practices.

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