Pars Cars/JD Byriderpieces of #


These are the worst my friend bought a car from j. d byrider (marietta) were both students and needed transportation we work at target and is payed every 2 weeks they harass us at work for a chevy caviler the power windows stop work after 2 days my boyfriend hit a fence barely touching it the front end came completely off when we looked at the inside of it. it looked as if the used gorilla glue to glue it on the suck their awful and if I see the salesman, store manger in the street I might just hit them with my new car I got from cobb county auto sales 2004 chevy impala 900 down 50 a week had it for 9 mths not one problem with it except it didnt have a gas cap when I bought it

now pars cars is the place I went luckly I have a dad you is a auto mechanic so we deicided to go to pars cars gld I took my dad 1st their ads on the radio say anyone is approved 500 dollars down. no if you have bad, slow, or no credit you have to have a large down payment since the salesman only saw me he thought he had a sucker trying to put me a ford escort do thry even make those any more he told me I need 3500 down and out pops daddy thank god he told me I could a car for that and he said loud enough so that other customers could hear they lost me and 6 others customers that day but all this is too warn you dont go to jd byrider pars cars or drive time my best advice to you is too googlr these companies first and to try local homegrown dealers that are not part of a franchise if the wont more than 1100 dollars down run run run run run and dont look bac

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