Parkdean Resorts (formerly Park Resorts)holiday not what we paid for.

S Jul 16, 2019

Well what can I say about Thorness bay apart from this STAY WELL CLEAR OF THIS HOLIDAY PARK AND COMPANY.

We stayed in Caravan 43 in solent Village. They stayed this was a GOLD Caravan.

We the outside and I side doesn't show it to be GOLD. (Judge for yourself).

I wouldn't recommend eating in the bar unless you have a big wallet and are prepared for poor quality of food. Their food comes from 3663 and is ALL Frozen. Not fresh at all. We had a full refund on the food and didn't eat the food.
the so called chip shop serves frozen chips and frozen fish but they don't do anything else that you would expect to see if a chip shop. This is not worth the money. £2.70 for a small cone of chips.

We checked in online the 13th July 2019 and made an official complaint on the 14th July 2019 to Guest Management.
Our complaint was heard and listened to by sitems management but was not forth coming when we needed things sorted or wanted them to be sorted prior to our arrival and Early Check in which we paid for as an extra for a fee of £25.00

The complaint for this company is now ongoing with their Head office and the IOW Torness Bay Holiday park.

We have been offered a small fee of £60 refund of which we feel this is an insult to what we paid to have the holiday given the inconvience that our family had to endure during our stay.
The Caravan was meant to be GOLD, well this is what they say, but I would hate to see what their basic holiday homes are like.
We have had broken dining table chairs, dirty floors and cupboards. Dirty doors and radiators. Broken lights which are still awaiting repair.

We have now forwarded our complaint to Head office and Traiding Standards and Environmental Health as our complaint did not just involve the hygiene of the Caravan but also the park and the pricing structure as the home we had is not that of a gold standard. But they wete also selling the same holiday for this same week at a reduced price to what we booked and paid for in January of 2019.
I guess its each to their own on standards of a holiday, but in our opinion the pictures don't show that of a GOLD standard holiday home.

I will upload our videos and 275 pictures showing the mess of the park and the holidays homes they rent out.
We had a cleaner come back to our caravan to conduct a Deep Clean, they have not completed their offer as the Caravan is still dirty in places and areas have still not been cleaned when we was told they would be.
A Deep Clean includes everything on the Caravan inside and out. And this has still not been done.

Be prepared to clean your caravan when you go to this place. The cleaners don't know what cleaning is or looks like.
Everyone be warned!!!

Family's please also watch our for the speeding little 4x4 quads they use and the old vans hey have around.
the speed limit is 10mph but they have total disregard for the rules of the site.
This was also reported to the site management.

. After check in @ 1pm reported 2 broken chairs within the holiday home - maintenance attended after 1hr - 1.5hrs and fixed them with screws

· The cleanliness within the accommodation was not satisfactory - eg, exterior dirty, moss around the outside and the roof contains grass. The bathroom was not clean, mirrors had smears/fingerprints - glasses in the kitchen are dirty - Food still in the plughole. Long hairs on the carpet picked up by guests daughter. Curtains not staying up well.

· Site looks worn

· Buggies driven very fast around park exceeding the 10mph speed limit, by staff

· Leak under kitchen sink and shower tray not draining properly

· Complex given wrong information on where the cashpoint was resulting in guest having to go to the shop only to find the cashpoint was in the complex

· Cash point claims it charges £1.75 per transaction when it actually charges £1.85

· Was advised by Central office that we had an outdoor pool, we do not

· Pool not big enough for site, tiles mismatched and grout dirty

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