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Complaints & Reviews


keep getting error 500 to getting a rebate. Can't get rebate online. Called and was told to wait 8 hours and still can't get rebate offer to go through


I purchased a panasonic phone, when I got home, I realized the batteries were missing, when I returned to the store and told them. I was told the batteries were expensive and they couldn't replace them, that I could notify Panasonic or just bring the phone back, and they were out of them. this would make it three trips to the store and I still would not have the phone, and at the price of gas I was not happy. also I do not feel its my responsibility to contact the company, I feel its the store 's responsibility to sell me a product that works.

Resolved Got screwed out of $3,000.00 and a tv

I purchased this television for $3,000.00 in 2003. In december 2006 a bulb blew in the tv so they replaced it. What they neglected to tell me was it was in a class action suit for this bulb issue. I was to opt out of it in a certain time if I did not want to be included. However you would have to be informed of it to opt out of it. Then in may of 07 the tv stopped working again. I thought it was a bulb again. I was wrong. My tv went right to the ballst which was what was ultimately wrong with the set in the first place. The company does not stand behind their products and treats the people who wish to express their problems with them very poorly. Customer service was disrespectful and very rude to the customer. Then as a bonus I was able to be informed by their corporate lawyers office that the law suit was over and they were no longer obligated to do any thing for the customers that got screwed out of $3,000.00 and a tv.

  • Cf
    c. fiore Feb 27, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I've been having a similar problem with a Panasonic 42" projection hdtv purchased for about $2,500 in 2003. Fortunately, I have been bearing the financial burden of the extended warranty offered by Best Buy where I bought the dog. I've renewed the warranty twice now, each time for a year versus the max three year option offered in the paperwork. The power bulb has blown out three times and the cost to me would have been over $1,300 so far, except for the warranty coverage. Annoyingly, the darn unit has to have a filter cleaned every few hundred viewing hours too, but at least I can do that myself.

    However, now I find that since the unit is over 5 years old, there is no further renewable option on that warranty. Of course, the paperwork makes no mention of this fact... it only gives a one year, a two year and a three year option at a very high price. So, a $3,000 dollar "investment" is now nothing but a liability----unless I am willing to pay out $500 a year when the bulb gives out.

    I;ve neither heard, nor received anything mentioning a class action suit for this particular hdtv but, boy, do I feel like a misled and abused consumer. That's the last Panasonic product I'll ever waste my hard earned money buying.

    Caveat emptor

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  • Pa
    Panasonic victim Feb 03, 2010

    I purchased a Panasonic LCD Projection TV from Circuit City around 2005 for over $3000. The TV broke down in less than two years after replacing the lamp. Luckily, I purchased a protection plan with the TV, and after three months of battling, they gave me a replacement Panasonic TV (model #PT-52LCX65).

    After three years use and purchasing a new lamp (around$250), I am having problems with it. I looked on a website for troubleshooting called "All Experts" and found someone who has the same type of problem I do, a purple hue that moves around the screen and affects the lighter images on the TV programs. The repair man that responded to the Panasonic Customer's question said that Panasonic has had trouble with this particular model's projector engine, and to contact Panasonic directly.

    When I contacted Panasonic to find out why I have had two TVs breakdown in less than 5 years time they did not have an answer, but instead referred me to an authorized repair place and told me I would have to pay to have it fixed. This is unacceptable! I can't justify paying a repair place to fix an unreliable product, only to have it breakdown again. Is there anyone else out there who is having this problem with their TV?

    Something needs to be done about this!

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Terrible experience!

I bought a camcorder listed above in December and ever since I have been trying to get Panasonic to advise me why I can not get the DVD Ram Software to download to my computer. I have checked the disk that was included with the camera and the driver is not on the software. I wrote them over two weeks ago about this problem and I will not buy another item from them until this is resolved. Basically the camera is worthless without the software.

Since I bought it out of the country, I can not return it.

  • Ho
    holwager67 Apr 05, 2009

    I have the same issue, I cant download the software that came with mine also. it says its not compatible with my computer. I have a new dell computer with vista and it is useless to me I have alot of video recorded but cant do anything with it. I also have emailed for help at the panasonic website and have heard nothing!

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Terrible quality product!

I purchsed a cordless drill made by Panasonic because I had other Panasonic products that I liked, and because Consumer Reports recommended a similar Panasonic product. The drill was not very powerful --really it was weak compared to other cordless drills that I have used over a period of many years -- and the batteries failed after a year with light use. Based on my experience with much older and nominally less-powerful Bosch cordless drills, I felt strongly that Panasonic should replace the batteries. I had three very detailed conversations over bad long-distance connections with Panasonic’s customer service in the Phillipines. All very unsatisfactory, all I got was arguments. I then found a note in the product manual suggesting that anyone dissatisfied with customer service could write to the the US headquarters of Panasonic in New Jersey. I wrote a long letter detailing my light use and careful use of the tool, my 20-plus years using other similar tools, and restating my firm belief that the batteries were poor and should be replaced by the manufacturer. This time there were no arguments. There was nothing. No reply at all. I waited two months and wrote another letter --enclosing a copy of my original letter to customer service -- this time to the chief executive at Panasonic headquarters in NJ. I wrote that Panasonic would have to address my problem if I was to ever buy another Panasonic product. No reply again. I had been planning on buying a large-screen Panasonic plasma TV, and I mentioned that fact. Strictly legally, Panasonic was within their rights because I did not make my complaint within the one-year warranty period. But good companies will usually choose to maintain their reputation rather than stick the letter of the law when there are legitimate problems. Apparently Panasonic doesn’t care if it loses a few customers and their goodwill. The end of my story was not so bad however. It happened that I had purchased the tool using a Visa card which gives extended warranties on products. This paid my cost to have the cells of the batteries replaced at a local battery repair shop.

  • Ja
    Jason Davies Jan 17, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Good for you, Im glad it worked out for you. We recently purchased a microwave made by panasonic. It blew two holes in the front of the face in 4 months. They did finally replace it after the second time. However, With the poor customer service from panasonic and poor customer service from their warranty center, city video, I will never ever do business with panasonic or anybody who uses city video. They had the audacity to tell my wife she did not know how to use the microwave. I will not stand for my wife to be insulted By them or anybody else.

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Horrible service

We purchased a DVD player in July 2007. We immediately had problems which we contacted customer service. The sevice center we were sent to was the beginning of many problems. There was poor communication between panasonic and the repair center. Then, the repair center did not send the proper paper work for replacement. After compaining to both parties, no measures were taken to correct the situation. Panasonic promissed a replacement unit would be sent to my house so I would not have to drive
2 hours to pick it up from the repair center. After 6 weeks I finally got a call from the repair center to pick up my new DVD player. I made 4 phone calls to panasonic to express my frustration and serveral calls to the service center. No actions were ever taken to please the CUSTOMER.

  • Ro
    Robert Wargo Jan 29, 2009

    I own a Panasonic DLP television (Model #: PT-52DL10). As with all projection TVs, the mercury lamp needs to be replaced from time to time. Panasonic will not sell the "bare bulb" to install, rather the entire lamp housing must be purchased. The price is $470.00 plus shipping and is COMPLETELY OUTRAGEOUS, considering that the extremely inferior Matsushita lamp does not last as long as a Philips or Osram lamp. My request from Panasonic was simple - please provide me with the exact specifications (type of lamp, wattage, arc gap, dimensions, etc.) so that I may locate an alternative more reasonably priced lamp. They claim that this information is confidential and cannot be released to me. IT'S A LIGHT BULB for crying out loud!!!

    Panasonic has disappointed me for the last time and will never as long as I live purchase another Panasonic product. They are not concerned with customer satisfaction and are unwilling to make right a wrong situation.

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Poor customer service

Purchased new plasma TV from hh gregg six weeks ago. Friday night TV would not operate. No picture, no sound...

Poor service!

Since November of 2006; my television has been under constant repair. Having the lamp replaced was no big deal; but apparently when my tv needed major repair and the technician put everything back he left some screws out that held up the lamp; making it slip and cause my tv to once again break.

Another technician came out and he didn't catch the main problem; just replaced the same big part and lamp and left. Now a third tech finds the actual problem; but I was supposed to have someone come out today September 6,2007. I waited between 8-12 for the technician. No phone call, nothing.

I wasted an entire day waiting. Normally I will get a call by 8 a.m. I called that 800 number and the guy tells me, "Oh someone did call you several times, but your phone lines must have been down." I told him my phone was fine and if people called me all morning with no problems why would Sears have a problem?

He had no answer; but told me he didn't know why the technician was a no show, and I would have to reschedule for Monday. I spent a lot of money for the warranty to be extended to protect my 42 inch tv; but I want Sears to know, I will never buy anything big again.

I followed my parents who loved Sears and in the beginning for me Sears gave me the best service I had ever seen. Now I am so disappointed how no one seems to know anything and all I get is hold please while I connect you to another department and so on and so on.

Since November my television has worked for maybe 3 months total.

After over 20 years of being a Sears follower, it ends for I will never think of buying anything from Sears again.

NOT WORKING with in 2 months!

Model Number SC-VK92D Panasonic Music System i Bought for Rs.32,0000.

After Bought 2 months System completely down. Not able to Play any DVD. Customer Service very Poor in the world. I called customer service 5 times, NO LINK in the website. my Dealer arranged for service center. Then Customer Support enginner came to my house without Any TOOLS .. Joke of the year.
Then he shaked my DVD System. No Sucess. 1 month no body turned up. Again i called my dealer. They sent my system to Salem - Tamilnadu. After 1 month they return my system. with in 1 hour I am not able to play any DVD.

Again i called customer service. No response. I called SALES HEAD for tamilnadu. No action. 2 month my system is in showcase. Again every week i will call SALEM, Chennai, Coimbatore NO ACTION. Successfully 3 month over , i went to Dealer i kept it my system there.

No Reply from Panasonic Customer Service. Finally they given 1 old Replacement system for Temp. After 1 month so many follow up i got my system. Same problem again. 6 times they tried. No Sucess. After 8 month my problem not solved. Good things is my problem well known by Tamilnadu SALES HEAD.

Till I am waiting for my problem to be solved, My personal Advice Dont buy Any Panasonic hi fi System in India.

Poor Customer Service. No Proper Response.

  • Sa
    SANDEEP S AGRAWAL Nov 19, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear Sir,

    I have purchase Panasonic system ( Model -SC-VK62D, Price - 17000 rs ) in month of 27 aug 2006 from dealer ( Rajesh Trading Company - 1485, kasba peth, pune-11, contact no -020-26127899 / 26127890.

    within Fourth month the system have problem ( warranty period ) and i was go to ur dealer on, he take it system for repaire.
    and he give system me after 7 month after my regular follow up. i was suggest him to replace me model but he didnt give replacements.

    within 3 month the system have again problem. and again given to dealer for repair. again follow up for dealer and he return after 4 month to me and take amount 800 rs for repair.

    again system have problem and given to dealer and again he take a time for repair 4 and 5 month. and take charge.

    Now system have again problem and i m given him for before last 2 month, i dont know how many month he taken for return.

    Can company will check my petions or harrashment to me.

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DVD-Ram doesn't work

The DVD-Ram Driver does not work with the software. Panasonic, Matshita and Toshiba have ignored the problem and offer no help in the fix for the software and operating oyster. The driver work only i the Dos operating System, not in the windows operating system.

  • Da
    Dave N. Jul 23, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have nearly FOUR years of bad karma from the UJ-811 in a Toshiba P25-S609 laptop.

    While it was under extended warranty Toshiba replace the drive at least 3 times and also replace the mother board while thinking that it was an interface issue with the rest of the computer.

    I've been shopping for a replacement so I can extend the life of the machine, but advice to get a UJ-840 turns out to be suspect since the UJ-840 is a slide-in tray and not a open-top tray.

    Complaining to both Panasonic and Toshiba has been a waste of time. So I save my energy to "diss" Toshiba when I'm window-shopping at CompUSA / BestBuy!

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  • Mr
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Panasonic dvd -ram discs do not work on my panasonic dvd they stick & skip up to 10 seconds & therefore spoil any recording I feel matsuhita electric should replace the discs or at least have a uk telephone number to contact.

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  • Ma
    Mark Gerard Sep 07, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This people is totally useless wen i come to service on the products they offer, No Support, No firmweare update, no nothing, they just take your money and then "F " wit any one that have the poor luck of have purchased one of their products

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Defective microwave

I had a bad experience trying to bake a potato using the 1.6-cubic foot, NN-SN756B panasonic microwave. The surface of the potato was lightly perforated with a fork and placed on the microwave tray (what i mean to say is that I adhered by all the rules to bake a potato in a microwave).

There is a "side dish" option and the first choice is "Potato". The sensor automatically senses the size or quantity of the potato and bakes it. I have baked potato a tleast a hundred times in 6 months using the "side dish" option but one day my luck ran out. The potato was charred, the inside light of the microwave went out and the microwave glass tray was split in half and there were strong fumes. I contacted the panasonic service center (it was under the 1 year limited warranty). They said they cannot do anything as the problem is due to "food fire" and it is excluded under warranty. I said that i did not know that the potato was combustible (another fuel alternative) and i have baked potato like this at - least 100 times using this microwave. They said they cannot do anything but offered me to replace the microwave but i have to pay a discounted price of $125 or $104 respectively for similar models (I had paid $100 at TARGET to buy the brand new one).

  • Jo
    J Ochoa Oct 07, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I purchased a microwave in September, 2007. This was one with the inverter, and it ceased to work in January, 2008. After contacting Panasonic they sent a label to send the microwave to a repair shop. This was in July!!! I got the microwave back...with the door not attached. I finally wrote to the Better Business Bureau, and Panasonic had me ship the microwave to them, and they are refunding my money. They also sent a lengthy release form for me to sign so they wouldn't be held responsible. They seem to have inferior products and are very paranoid. I will NEVER buy a Panasonic product ever again. Lessons learned!!!

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  • Ge
    Geordie Dec 04, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have a Panasonic microwave NN-SN668W which works OK so far however the metal grill in the glass door is too thick and I can barely see whats cooking.
    Is it possible to out in a brighter lamp ?

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  • Bo
    BobFar Aug 16, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    panasonic nn-sn668w - on my third one now. Steamed up glass that wont clear is my biggest complaint - pain in the butt however first 2 did the same - so seems to be a built in feature.

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  • Jo
    Joe_Blow May 01, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    my Panasonic microwave oven starts up on it's own when I open the door. ZAP!! Panasonic says don't worry about. They say it's not worth fixing and suggest I buy another one. Guess I will - JUST NOT ONE OF THEIRS!!

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  • Do
    donaldkl Jan 12, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Also, you can check this

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  • Ca
    Cabin Microwave Jun 13, 2015

    I have bought a totat of 4 microwave panasonic Gensis microwave. The first was in 1979--still working--not a problem.
    The second in 2008--still working great. (Use constantly at a city house)
    For the cabin in 2010--bought one identical to the 2008 (Inverter NNT945) and within 1 month overheated on a minute cycle and melted the plastic bowl I had butter it in. Brought it back to the store the replaced it, with and idential product. Now this was Jan 2011. This microwave is at a cabin and rarely used in the last 3 years. A couple of weeks ago, I heard electrical noise and steam on the inside it-again setting was for 1 minute. Opened the door and noticed burn marks on the inside of where the door latches. Called Pansonic they said it was called arc-ing and not to use it. They told me my microwave is old, are offering me a $49.00 refund. It is going to cost me at least $25.00 for disposible. Not buying aother and telling all my friends, family and facebook not to buy their microwaves they just do not last.

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Stay away from Panasonic products!

I bought a 32" Tv in november 2017 costing 800Euro and in December 2017 I had to return it to the repair shop...

Runaround from Circuit City

I purchased a Panasonic 27 inch HDTV from Circuit City it was less than two years old when on December 2, 2006 it started to smoke and give off noxious fumes. I unplugged it and contacted Circuit City. I thought I had peace of mind because I had purchased their (Advantage Protection Plan) which now has become a total disadvantage. After talking to Circuit City's outsourced customer service department somewhere in India I received a call a few days later from a local vendor who was going to make the repair. Now the trouble begins he informed me they would be a $50 pickup charge unless I bring the set in myself I stated I will contact Circuit City's over this matter I hung up the phone and called Circuit City again. In their automated telephone menu it states for any TV over 25 inches for in-home service press #1. This tells me because the size of my television it would be repaired at my premises. I explain this to Circuit City and within 2 days only out of protest I received a phone call once again from A. & A. standard to schedule a picked up . The vendor stated the pickup time would be between the hours between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. at 4: 45 p.m. after no one showed up I contacted the repair company they said someone would be out there shortly by 5 p.m they finally arrived. I was stuck at home 8 hours waiting . Because of the sheer weight of this television it took people to carry it from my premises. By December 10 supposedly it was repaired and returned to my home within 36 hours the TV went again . I contacted Circuit City again now i am back to where I started from .A few days later I received a call from the repair company they refused to pick up this television set unless I paid a $50 fee. Also the repair company stated if Circuit City contacts them over this matter they will tell them the TV is not repairable thats where it should have ended. BUT somewhere in fine print supposedly there's a hidden clause before Circuit City will replace a television but they must be a minimum of three repair attempts. The repair company stated they had only picked it up the first time free of charge as a favor for Circuit City but this time the $50 pickup charge stands. I said that's not going to happen I hung up the phone once again I called Circuit City's custom service department's
I explain the situation they stated they would find another vendor who would pick up and service this television. My timeline so far is the television stopped working on December 2 it was supposedly repaired and returned on December 11 it stopped working again December 13 . December 13 I contacted customer service and they said I would receive a phone call from a new vendor by December 20 th which never happened.
On December 20 later that day's I contacted Circuit City again they came back to me with some ### and bull story that a new vendor had called and I no longer needed assistance with my television which was totally preposterous and an outright lie. December 20th customer service said I will receive a phone call within 72 hours over this matter which never happened. Now I had to begin from scratch all over I contacted Circuit City's customer service again. I finally talked with someone a little closer to the United States this time in Ontario Canada I explained the whole situation unfortunately I had to start from the beginning again. Once again I was told someone would be contact me over this matter and as of December 24 no one had . I e-mailed Circuit City's customer service department I received a general reply e-mail that stated someone would be contacting me within 72 hours. I also contacted the claim represented a handling this case I left several messages and the IM number supplied by Circuit City but no one has contacted me. Do you remember that movie Groundhog Day. I received a call December 27 from A&A standard for what reason I do not know because on December 13 Circuit City told me supposedly was trying to find another vendor to pick up his service this set without charging a pickup fee. A & A once again explained to me they would be a $50 pickup fee. So here it is December 28 and I am no closer to having my television repaired than I was on December 13. If this is not a runaround I don't know what else to call its. I guess it's easier when you're a multi-billion-dollar company you can hire people who are unbelievably apologetic and sympathize with you but B.S. you constantly until you finally walk away because you can't take it anymore. I refuse to cut my losses and I will continue to contacting them by any means I can until this matter is resolved. All I want is my TV picked up repaired and returned that's all. If you have experienced a similar situation with Circuit City please contact me at [protected] or voice your complaint on this site I would like to know I don't stand alone. I feel this is a common practice with Circuit City. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Daniel J.

  • Ro
    rose Apr 22, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I will never encourage anyone to buy Panasonic Plasma HDTVs. As soon as one year warraty is over, the TV also goes out of order. What is the company doing about helping customers facing this kind of problem? Does this company axpect custormers to buy a new Plasma TV every year or prepare to pay for the repairs as soon as the warranty is over? Customers should fight agaist this kind of cheap products or they will flood the market more and more things like this.

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  • Ca
    Catherine Oct 09, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Panasonic is not the only one doing this VIZIO LCDTV after one year the digital tuner takes a dump.

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Resolved Faulty products and bad service!

On 9 September my new digital camera, a Panasonic DMC-TZ1 arrived. Six weeks later I had to hand it in to Digitec, the company in Panama that repairs Panasonic Products.

The lens unit broke. A complaint that is apparently quite common for this type of camera. I have found several other people who wrote about the same complaints and they ran out of this particular spare part, so it had to be ordered from Japan. And I am still waiting. The camera has now been in repair for much longer than I have owned it. I will not be able to make any pictures over X-mas because the camera will not be repaired by that date. And since Panasonic and Digitec kept telling me the camera would be ready by next week for about two months, I did not buy another one. Buying a Panasonic product is a decision I deeply regret.

  • At
    Atef Abdel Maksoud Feb 23, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I bought vacuum cleaner model mc5010 (1600 w) made in Malaysia since 4 months ago from the biggest shop in UAE and took it to my country (Egypt). The air filter (made of karton paper not plastic) become damage and the unit at all not working.
    the unit still in guarantee, but when i went to agent in UAE with the damage filter he refused to replace the damage part and asked me to bring the site itself how come and he promise me to ask in the Japan about the price. Until now no action taken. Very poor service.

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  • Pe
    Pearl Martinez Nov 14, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I completely agree, ALL Panasonic products are of low quality or defective. I have noticed this for years. Bad thing I wasn't able to warn my mum. She bought aircon for our new house. Now, everytime she calls Panasonic to schedule cleaning & the day of schedule comes, they always cancel & re-schedule. My mum feels like they don't want to come if only 1 airconditioner needs to be cleaned. Also, they will always set a schedule & cancel the last minute. It has been going on for months. I hope this company closes soon on the dwindling economy! It doesn't even deserve to last a month cheating on their customers!

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  • Sh
    SHAILENDER MEHTA Mar 16, 2010


    PH0 9885887943

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  • Ya
    yash kapoor Apr 26, 2011

    Same thing happens wid me ...i puchased 2 ton Split ac and plasma tv in jan 2010 n they wont evn provide me any service n whn my ac 's compresser is not workin properly dey evn deny to change dat...n compresser is in 5 year warranty period bt v have no other option ...service is too too too bad...i never ever go for panasonic product in future...yash kapoor, north delhi

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  • St
    Stephanie Tioseco Feb 20, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have been calling the Panasonic service center handling heaters here in Manila. On feb 14 they said they would come feb 15 or 16. No one did. So i called feb 17 and they said they will come feb 18. No one did. I called feb 20 and they said they were coming on the same day. No one did. The problem is they outsource these things and no one in panasonic is doing audit checks if the agencies are doing it right. The worst! I never experienced this with my elba or electrolux products.

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Resolved Turns off on its' own

It all started when i purchased my panasonic 36 inch tv from brandsmart in august of 2001. I purhcased the extended contract which expires august 2006, in a month. The problem with my television started about a year ago. While the television is on it all of a sudden turns off on its' own. Every time this happened i contacted brandsmart, (i have all the records each time i called). Well, of course i had to take time off work to wait for them to show up the fist four times, out of those four times twice the tech stated that if he did not't see the tv do it he does not know what is wrong with it and the other two times he claimed that he fixed it. The fifth time i called they came and took the tv and returned it about a week later claiming that all is fixed. Well it was not't because about a month later, time number six, the same thing happened on july 4th they came and took the tv, well it is now the 12th and i still do not have a tv. I have called the store and they tell me it is being worked on, that is what the notes say. Yesterday i called the warranty dept. Just to have the person on the other line not be able to help me and tell me what already know, it's being worked on. I left a message for a manager to call me back and asked his name, she said mike, so i asked mike who,(it did not seem like she wanted to tell me and just said s). Well he never called so today i called back to speak to a manager and was put on hold or should i say hung up on. I called back again and asked for a manager, after being placed on hold, finally a mike answered, i can only assume it was the mike that was supposed to call me back. Mike apparently did not seem to care about my problem because he kept yawning on the phone and told me that he had to speak to the service dept. That currently has my tv. I asked when i could expect his call back and he told me later today. Well we will see. I explained to "mike" that the contract extended warranty contract clearly states that if the tv cannot be fixed i will be refunded the $ to buy a new one or they will give me a knew. I am not a tv repair person but if the same problem reoccurs 6 times and they cannot fix it that would constitute as not being able to fix it. Basically buyer beware. I know where i will not shop again.

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    tom r Nov 22, 2009

    I have the same tv and it keeps shutting off after an hour or so.It won't restart until it sits for about another hour.Anyone know what the part is thats malfuctioning?I'd like to fix this myself because it weighs 200LBs, and I'm not carrying this thing out of my basement unless it goes directly to the junkyard!

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    bss611628 Oct 21, 2018
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    Verified customer

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    i have bought the Panasonic phone model GD25C CDMA+GSM (grey black) in jan-2017 wide invoice no DL-SDED-171466271-3686 DATED 06.01.2017.

    but now phone key pad not working smoothly. key pad working with 2 or 3 time pushing.

    so i want to resolve the issue

    Bhupendra Singh
    ( Uttarakhand)

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