Outback Steakhouseservice at restraints

E Oct 08, 2018

Hello outback,

My wife and I travel extensively for business and always have one meal at least per trip at an outback at our destination. We are used to wonderful service and we are members of your rewards club. Well back in august we were in Spokane Washington for a conference. We went to the outback there that after 4 trips there finally was excepting rewards members with credit for eating dinner. The steak was ordered medium and it came almost raw in the center so I sent it back. They took it and put it on the grill and it was still rare when it came back. They asked if it was okay and I said it's still rare and sent it back again. This time the manager said he put it on the grill personally. It still was undercooked and I said just forget it and please give me the bill. I was presented the bill and gave the waitress my my phone number [protected] and she said that number doesn't come up. I told her the number again and she said okay I got it. When the receipt came back it still had the wrong number on it. I called back the waitress and said this is still the wrong number are you sure you put it in correct. She assured me that she did and gave me a coupon for a free appetizer. I never got credit for that visit. What has happened to your quality control and customer service. I thought your motto was steak done right. Apparently not in this case. We have not been back to an outback since. Here I sit in Nairobi Africa on a business trip and I finally found the time to write.

Sincerely yours,
Roy Killian
Eden's Song Ministries Inc.

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