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This site is horrible!!
I’ve only responded to about 15 men... Two were “removed” (Scammers? I don’t know why), three were actually scammers, four were on with multiple user ids...
Now? (Been a member for a week and a half? Two weeks?) i’m receiving a ton of fake profiles, computer generated with fake photos and information! As well as (Mostly fake) profiles from across the country!! I’m in texas... Why is ourtime filling my “supposed”, daily matches, with “men” from tn ia or ms wa, and so on???
And, just a general, “why is ourtime wasting my time?” question... I am a caucasian woman, looking for a caucasian man... Yet, since I got frustrated and started “keeping score”?? Less than 40% of the real profiles, are of that!!
With that percentage alone? It becomes very tough to find someone!!
Then, with me being a 50 yr old woman, who is extremely attractive and “fit”, for even a 35 year old woman?!?!?! There are obvious exclusions and eliminations... Heck!! There’s no one left!! How, in a million years, would anyone think there were any commonalities between me & them? How do they determine these so-called “matches”/daily matches?? They certainly don’t put any thought, or filters, in it!!
I wish someone at ourtime, who was up-the-chain enough, to make the needed changes, would sit in my shoes, and view my screen, for a few days...
Has it gotten so bad, that we, as people, can be so desperate for love?? That we’re willing to pay these companies, who do nothing more, than provide a data base, to simply “shuffle” names, create fictitious profiles, lie to us, and scam us... Just to fill their pockets??
Yeah... Lies! A lot of them...
Ie... When you submit a photo, it says, that they’ll review it, and check it for offensive conduct...
So, why, as I sifted through my daily matches, today - was I exposed to a man flipping me off?!?!
The executives behind these scams, are sadistic sociopaths... Proven, because they can still sleep at night.
Sad... So sad...

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