OurTime.comI cannot find a way to reach this company aside from emails


I have looking into "Our Time" Dating website over a year ago when they advertised (at one point) join free. "Free Trail for Women"
"Find who's looking for you" I put some info on. Reluctant of another dating website. I did download a picture and for over a year they kept sending me email. I just didn't have the time/ didn't feel like joining after they took my information. Made a free trial offer and then wanted to charge me in the end. These "internet free trial offer" They aren't free! I have had them say things like they won't charge me for 30 days on a lot of product and offers only to find out every month on my credit card statement that one business actually charge me (the moment I hung up the phone) 6 different types of creative fees. If I didn't check my statements every month I would be in trouble! I actually had over $500.00 in different fees from different promotions credited back to my credit card from scams over the last 3 months. Some are subtle others just go large. Especially with this company. "OUR TIME.COM" I finally gave in 9/22/13 and decided to pay them on a months trial. $23.99. It wouldn't allow me to purchase this. First it came back that my zip code didn't match. I really wanted to see almost a 100 emails from people they claimed I had accumulated over the year. So I decided to go larger and take another deal for $83.94 for a year.60% off and only $13.99 a month. It now told me that the name and address didn't match and rejected my brand new credit card. Called the credit card company and they told me my credit line was fine. Go back and try again. It came back again that the information didn't match. I tried 2 more times when it came back rejecting other information. The credit card company told me the last call that they saw they tried to put it through although nothing cleared. I just had to call the company back again after I emailed "Our Time" dating website and they tell me my "CVS" code on the back of my card was incorrect. THE NIGHTMARE BEGINS!! I am told by the CAPITAL ONE CREDIT CARD that there is no way to check my "CVS" because they don't have that information. The gentlemen Givan from CAPITAL ONE "OVER SEAS" ( #REQ019 employee i.d. number) He now tells me have you made any purchases yesterday. Being that I was up working all night and it is now wee hours in the morning about 1am. 9/23/13. I said, "I attempted to. Although they couldn't go through due to some error with my credit card. He (GIVAN from CAPITAL ONE OVER SEAS) (I never deal with anyone other than "United States Operators" I never give anyone even my name. Due to the fact. If you do that person/ company even overseas is then paid for it . I as an AMERICAN. First of all don't personally want anyone in ANY COUNTRY having my personal information what so ever. I just graciously tell them" I am sorry" "I just don't do business with anyone out of "MY OWN COUNTRY" (THERE ARE A LOT OF AMERICAN'S THAT DON"T REALIZE THEY CAN DO THIS OR ARE TOO LAZY TO WANT OUR JOBS RETURNED TO THE UNITED STATES!!!) ("IT MAY TAKE A LITTLE BIT MORE TIME, ALTHOUGH WE MADE THIS MESS AND WE NEED TO BE PATIENT AND FIX IT") At this time in the morning. Most businesses DO NOT leave you an option) Givan tells me that there were many purchases on my brand new credit card. I asked
from what business. He tells me, "that is is the business in question, the one I am having problems with my credit card going through actually had charged my credit card" I AM SURPRISED AFTER THE INTERNET CREDIT CARD information kept telling me "That my CREDIT CARD DID NOT GO THROUGH! THAT IT WAS REJECTED FOR INCORRECT INFORMATION." Okay. So they (OUR TIME DATING WEBSITE) did receive payment. So why CAN I NOT get into my account???? So I ask (CAPITAL ONE CUSTOMER SERVICE AGENT) Givan "OVER SEAS" ( #REQ019 employee i.d.#) "tell me everything you see". He starts to go on and rambling off all these charges and "I AM IN AW"!! I told him to hang on and let me get a piece of paper. It turns out I am charged $45.96 Not one or two times. A TOTAL OF 10 X - Then another $30.98 2 X Totaling a balance of $521.56. WOW!!! For a company rejecting all my information. They sure have helped themselves for not allowing my credit card to go through. I went in maybe 4-5 times reentering information they claim didn't match to get the internet service. Although never entered it 12 times for sure! I am very upset at this time wanting to contact the company immediately!! (CAPITAL ONE CUSTOMER SERVICE AGENT) Givan "OVER SEAS" ( #REQ019 employee i.d.#) " Gives me a contact # [protected]. The only information they show the Credit Card Company. I tell Givan @ Capital One. Please send all of it to the fraud department and tell them what I told you. Of course they don't answer their lines until hours later. I finally get someone through customer service. After emailing them back on the original message to them that I was having problems and there reply it was my CVS number. I was upset and wanted to tell this rep my story and the first thing out of her mouth is if I raise my voice she will hang up and disconnect me. Now it had been hours since I am informed. I got rest and cooled down. I am upset although I am not yelling what so ever. "The sentence coming out of her mouth" was more like something pre trained from a script. Like a telemarketer calling you that has to follow a "sales pitch" script. It was an expectation from "PREVIOUS AND POSSIBLY ALL CUSTOMER SERVICE CALLS?!" She goes on to tell me my CREDIT CARD COMPANY are a bunch of idiots. That if they looked into it all purchased were returned. VERY COCKY! I asked her if I may be transferred to an AMERICAN OPERATOR. She said, " it was not possible" they don't have AMERICAN OPERATORS!! The first time I ever heard a company tell me that in all the time I have made purchases off the internet. The last 10- to 15 years. I asked her, "where is your corporate office or can I have their phone number?" She said. That she was from Dallas Texas although she is now over seas and they can't tell me where their corporate company is for security reasons. I have never heard of this in my life. I asked, "how do I send a complaint to your head quarters/corporate office?" She gave me an office address. People Media P.O. Box 12627 Dallas Texas 75225. "I laughed." I have never been given a P.O. box # for a corporate office either! I said goodbye and called CAPITAL ONE to see what was happening. They returned all my money. The operator I spoke with Jolene. Was very helpful. AMERICAN OPERATOR. She said she had another address she found. People Media P.O. Box 25458 Dallas Texas 25458. I told her, "what did they do? Have one P.O. box number shut down?" That is what that sounds like to me. So now they have a new address. They moved! LOL
Some more phone numbers [protected] and [protected] and [protected] and [protected]. Some of these are complaint numbers she told me. There you go! Here is my experience with this company. The first one of many to come if we as AMERICAN'S don't start taking the time to check things out. If we don't ask about AMERICAN OPERATORS OR CORPORATE LOCATIONS. These "OVER SEAS" nightmares have your up most personal information now. What will they use it for???? We are already owing everyone and in dept for the rest of the UNITED STATES Definition of EXISTENCE!!!
a obsolete : reality as opposed to appearance
b : reality as presented in experience
c (1) : the totality of existent things (2) : a particular being <all the fair existences of heaven — John Keats>
d : sentient or living being : life
a : the state or fact of having being especially independently of human consciousness and as contrasted with nonexistence <the existence of other worlds>
b : the manner of being that is common to every mode of being
c : being with respect to a limiting condition or under a particular aspect
: actual or present occurrence <existence of a state of war!


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    Jane2012 Jul 12, 2012

    The phone number for this site ( is 888-892-2065. This number was provided by my bank. I spoke with a representative about the procedures in place when a password needs to be reset, and he said that I will have to give my credit card information again. He said the CEO of the company is Josh Meyers. I explained to Alex (the representative) that I will not reset my password with my cc information, and he told me this is the company policy. He absolutely refused to change my password manually. has lost a customer, as I had paid for three months. So folks...if you ever lose your password or need any assistance, you will have to enter your credit card information. I asked him if we could set up a security question and he read me the same BS over and over again. These people are not willing to work with anyone. I will contact the Attorney Generals office in Texas now. I am not done with these people. In the meantime, contact your bank to have the charges returned/refunded.

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  • Mi
    miseashell Jan 15, 2013

    The same exact thing happened to me! I am so irritated I asked them to remove me from the e-mails. I asked them to deactivate the account. It seems there is no way.

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  • Re
    Resolution2013 Apr 18, 2013

    Thanks so much for the great information ... I've been charged monthly fees for the past 2 months after ending my auto renewal on 2/1/2013!! Upon deciding to end my affiliation with the site, I immediately reset my account to end the auto-renewal option on Feb. 1, 2013. My account records clearly reflect this change, which was done with relative ease. It was explained (via the site) that it would take 27 days for the change to go into effect, which meant that beginning March 1 I would not be billed for the March 15 - April 15 time period. Upon checking my bank statement recently I noticed that they had not only billed me for the 3/15 - 4/15 period, they also billed me for for 4/15 - 5/15 for a total of $53.00. I contacted them through their server recently(THE ONLY OPTION MADE AVAILABLE TO CUSTOMERS - THEY DO NOT PROVIDE AN EMAIL OR TELEPHONE NUMBER TO REACH THEM DIRECTLY) and have never heard back from them. The customer support is non-existent and the site is altogether not "user-friendly". There is certainly no accountability here,

    Further frustrating is the fact that you can't enter the site to see if the "powers-that-be" have contacted you, via your message center, unless you "UN-HIDE" your profile and become "available" once again.

    I will immediately contact my bank and then I will contact my State Attorney General's office to make sure they are aware of what's going on.

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  • Ka
    katmomdu May 05, 2014

    I have stopped dealing with any online sites that refuse to allow you to at least find a human to talk to - don't care if it is via phone, or instant message - even email.. many sites no longer supply this, so I now have a rule - if you haven't got a person to communicate with me - then - buh-bye! In some cases(Amazon for example) it IS difficult - but if you try you can find a number and a human will actually call you right back.. thats better than anything like this. So irritating.

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  • To
    Tom Nasti Jun 09, 2014

    Do Not Go Near Our Time! This s The Worst Time EVER!!!
    No Way to Reach Customer Service or Tech Support. They take your Money and if You Do Cancel, they will Not Refund.
    The reason you Will not EVER get an e-mail from them is because if They Don't respond within 72 Hour's, they think that, " THEIR POLICY!!
    WILL SAVE THEM!, "But it Won't My Bank Saved me. Not Worth The Trouble Folks!


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  • Fe
    Fed up 23 Aug 29, 2014

    These greedy, profit-oriented dating sites are set up to take your money. They will not let you sign up without an "auto renewal". I told them that I would like to sign up, but only if they would not require an auto renewal. They refused and so did I...I suspected all this trouble and I'm glad to see it was verified. Thanks for the warning!

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  • Pa
    patricia bersano Aug 30, 2014

    I reported to my credit card that automatically charged me for another month when I did not approve it. Now because of this I cannot use my credit card to purchase another month. Was told to send a personal check to the address given to me, but as to date (8-30-14), I have not received a verification that my check was received, and according to my website it has not been entered so I can send messages to those who have contacted me. How do I reach someone who knows what is going on and straighten out this mess?

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  • Fr
    Frances dye Oct 06, 2014

    I've been willing to pay but can't get online. My password doesn't work and they will not help me no matter how hard I try, not at all helpful. Frances dye

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  • An
    annie1130 Nov 20, 2014

    I never actually pd for the site but after meeting someone on my own i deactivated my account. Well apparently they are still using my name because it keeps showing up on an ad for the website. This is causing a problem for me and my guy because he thinks i'm still out there looking. I need to reach these people to make it stop. Any help would be appreciated.

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  • This is a horrible, I mean HORRIBLE site. First of all, we should not be charged for getting pop up ads on the side screen. They need new tech people to operate this site in a more professional and user friendly manner. This is like the bottom of the barrel. I removed my profile even before my ONE MONTH expired. I could not take it any more. And what happened to the matches? There's no such thing. It's random, and it's as poor as the entire website. SAVE YOUR MONEY AND JOIN MATCH.COM...I'm done with all.

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  • People Media
    13800 Montfort Drive # 145
    Dallas, TX 75240

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  • No
    noname64 May 14, 2015


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  • Sp
    spirasy May 26, 2015

    I am getting these disgusting immoral Boy friend Needed Ads. I have tried various ways to get these to stop to no avail. I want these Ads to stop!!

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  • Re
    Reviewer71974 Dec 03, 2015

    Since Sunday Nov.29, I can't aces the side. I have asked to change my password because my account was hacked. I have sent the email with the provided code, but I have not got any emails back.

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  • Je
    j elder Jan 06, 2016

    I'm looking for woman companion. I'm getting a lerussell1 from Cocoa, Fl that appears to be a man.. I need this checked out and taken care of. J Elder

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  • Po
    Poon Tang Jan 11, 2016

    The smart way to deal with dating sites that try to hang additional charges on you or auto-renew is to use a virtual credit card number. That's the ONLY thing I like about having a CITI card. I can generate a number with a specific dollar limit as well as a number with a amount limit and also a time limit [minimum 2 months]. I have caught similar sites making unauthorized charges by using this feature and in ALL instances my money was refunded without a lengthy dispute. It is bad that tthe people Media's support is so crappy. In my case my profile information consisting of at least several hundred words was totally erased TWICE in less than a week and I use a very complex password. They also removed pictures they deemed against their policy although none were of copyrighted material or inappropriate to any other site. OT is a good way to meet mature women or men but it has lots of nonsense you have to put up with. Using a credit card with a dollar limit is a must.

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  • Ch
    Cherie Urban-Nonnenmacher Apr 16, 2016

    of course it's a weekend. No help. People that work can't get help after work because there is no one to answer calls.
    After each activation I have to start all over again by entering a new profile
    When you renter all info you also LOSE all correspondence you have with your matches. Let think you have left the service. Of course you don't have same username . This is the worst site I have ever been to.
    And to believe I PAID for the crap

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  • Mb
    mbplays Aug 23, 2016

    Do not put your profile on this website. The sold my visa number!!!

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