O'Reilly Auto Partsparts I purchase were incomplete

R Jul 08, 2019

I purchased brake pads for 85 grand cherokee. I did one side of vehicle, and i got 2 pafs that go on the outer psrt of caliper on thr other side. Thr pad that adheres to thr caliper piston side wasnt there. I called, the taos nm 87571 store and told, the manager. He said i have to return all of the pads. Unacceptable!!! He said he ordered another set which will be in on tuesday, i am not going to take the newly installed pads off and do thrm again, i eant thr single pad thst was not included. This is [censored]. My time is important. I have a disabled wife with only one vehicle. I will press a lawsuit. Then thr manager said i can purchase another set and then return the others. Avain, [censored]. I want something done now. [protected]

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