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Orbitz / airline tickets

PatrickJ on May 25, 2017
First of all I'd like to open with the fact that I know it is the responsibility of the consumer to research the fine print prior to purchasing anything.. However, my dissatisfaction lies in the fact that they have the audacity to name an Insurance Policy on your ticket a "Cancellation Plan". If...

Orbitz / Flight cancellation nightmare

Antar813 on Apr 17, 2017
itinerary #7254857607636 I book a round trip flight for work travel from Ft Lauderdale to Philadelphia for 4/19 and Philadelphia to Ft Lauderdale for 4/21. My dad had a heart attack yesterday and he is in a coma. He lives in Massachusetts. I called Orbitz to cancel my flights and get a...

Orbitz / Misleading refund policy

Nirvanasutra on Apr 7, 2017
Last April I booked a flight for Last July with American Airlines through Orbitz. I then cancelled my flights through Orbitz because my husband (at the time) had a kidney transplant and could not fly) I received a full credit for the flight to be used for a future flight. When I was ready...

Orbitz / Orbitz cancellation fee scam

Sagga on Mar 6, 2017
I booked a flight via Orbitz and cancelled it the same day within next few hours. I cancelled my booking and everything seemed fine but then I received a notification from my bank stating that $100 was deducted from my account! I contacted Orbitz right away and asked what was going on and...

Orbitz / Voucher for airline tickets

Rhonda Rae on Feb 25, 2017
I had a $1, 117.28 voucher to use for United Airlines, and I had to use your company to get the tickets. I booked a flight on 11-20-16 to go to Florida on 1-6-17 and return on 1-14-17. This was done with Sam, a "supervisor ", who then advised me I had $303.44 still available in my voucher...

Orbitz / Flight reservation was changed by orbitz agent without my authorization

Terry Tempel on Jan 22, 2017
On 9/11/2016 I booked on-line a flight departure on 1/28/2017. On 9/12/2016 the price dropped so I called the service agent to take advantage of the savings. The agent cancelled my original reservation and isued a new reservation, however, the agent entered the departure date a...

Orbitz / Website

kmrkp on Dec 20, 2016
I have Platinum status on Orbitz. Today was the second incidence of clicking "agree and pay" for a hotel room only to be charged a higher rate than shown on the itinerary. I wonder how much money Orbitz scams out of business travelers this way who don't check the credit card receipt. After...

Orbitz / No refund was given

Dana on Dec 12, 2016
My story was quite simple. I made a booking via Orbitz service and later I contacted them and asked them to cancel my flight. I also paid the cancellation fee and they said that I'll get a refund soon. Everything seemed fine, but days passed and there was no sign of my money. It is now...

Orbitz.com / Flight reservation

Renata Siffert on Nov 21, 2016
On the 20th of October, I booked a trip from Oslo to Miami. On the 31st of October I called Orbitz.com customer service to change the dates of my tickets, It took me one hour on the phone, I was informed of the fees to change the flight date and provided my credit card details. I had to...

Orbitz / Never provided refund

i booked a flight from denver to edmonton, due to issues with planes, i got my flights bumped around, and never actually made it to my destination. american airline refunded my flight. they gave a cheque to obritz, orbitz never gave me the refund, it has been almost a year. at first obritz said...

Orbitz / Undisclosed cancellation charges

George J_OKC on May 19, 2016
I had booked a round trip flight ticket from Oklahoma City to Atlanta, GA on 04/14/2016. It was clearly stated on their itenery that they offered free cancellation within 24 hours of booking. Since I found a much cheaper ticket with a better timing with Southwest Airlines, I called the...

Orbitz / Charged twice for a rental car

Julia Nellis on May 18, 2016
In Feb 2016 I booked a trip (flight and rental car) through Orbitz. While booking the rental car I kept getting an error on the website stating that they couldn't process the transaction and to try again, which I did and kept getting the error message. Come to find out that even...

Orbitz / Do not buy their air travel insurance / Customer service stinks

Matt Gilbert on Mar 31, 2016
I purchased a package to NY for my family with the insurance. I specifically bought the insurance that said I could cancel for any reason, having gone through hell the last time I had to cancel and the terms were very constrained. I had to cancel the package a week later. I spent 90 minutes being...

Orbitz / Customer service

li men on Mar 27, 2016
Hi, Mr. Barney Harford, I am writing to you because I have been upset very much with the experience of communicating with the orbitz customer service .and I still feel sad . On january 24th, 2015, i bought an air ticket (1259.99 dollars )for my son from China to the US on the website...

Orbitz / Airplane tickets

Clastrac on Mar 17, 2016
Orbitz - review in travel agencies category from mexico, capital district 1 of 323 Orbitz reviews Mexico, capital district 36 minutes ago Mark as resolved Update Write update Add tags Add contacts Add media Add images or pdfs Add link to youtube Share Facebook Twitter Google Bought 4...

Orbitz / Charges for upgraded services not refunded

Aviada on Mar 2, 2016
The trip that was booked to Cancun for new Year's was terrible. Because of New Year Holiday it was an expensive reservation for a resort but I thought it would be well worth because it was a surprise trip for my mom. The total cost of my hotel was $1, 689.60 plus the shuttle fees. We...

Orbitz / Hotel booking and credit card fraud

Reviewer74784 on Feb 16, 2016
on March-12, 2016, I booked a hotel in Hong Kong through Orbitz . I used my credit card on their file to pay for the hotel booking. Although Orbitz provides assurance against credit card fraud and having a secure website, my card was used 3 times on the same day at Nordstrom for purchase...

Orbitz / Worst Ever!!!

Anne Creech on Feb 10, 2016
I booked several hotels for my trip through Europe. I agreed to pay upon arrival at the hotels. I entered my credit to secure the room. Orbitz indicated I would not be charged. $0.00 is what I agreed to pay. This morning, I discovered a charge from Hotel Libertel du Suede for $202.62. My...

Orbitz / Worst experience ever, lost my money!

Tota965j on Jan 21, 2016
I had booked a flight via Orbitz website. Few minutes later I received a confirmation email from Orbitz confirming the flight. Everything seemed fine. So, when I showed up at the airport I was told that I no longer had a flight. American Airlines told me that Orbitz had switched me to...

Orbitz.com / Orbitz makes offers they can't deliver

Reviewer97347 on Jan 2, 2016
Orbitz offers some great deals but can't deliver on what they offer. I wasted 5 hours trying to book a flight that after entering everything it states that it cannot complete the booking, try again later. After trying again later and entering all the information again, same result. So I...

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