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Orbitz Complaints & Reviews

Orbitz / refund/inconvenience

Sami.b0212 on Oct 17, 2017
Was told we would be compensated for the total of our room $65 and some change. Was also told they would cover another night for free from orbitz as well as the coupon for the inconvenience. As we had to deal with two separate issues at hotel between 1am for first issue and around 3am for...

Orbitz / ticketing for trip to and from athens, greece

Nicholas (Nick) Ballas on Oct 11, 2017
My wife and I recently took a trip which you booked for us, leaving Norfolk, Virginia on September 16, and arriving in Athens, Greece, the following morning. Two weeks later we returned to Norfolk on a flight from Athens, originating (originally) on September 30. That return flight wa...

Orbitz / Never deal with them

Richard Benning on Sep 28, 2017
One week ago I was trying to buy tickets. You know, I'm not silly, I know how to write my own name and last name, same about my wife's ones. But when I got the tickets via email I noticed that they typed my and wife's names incorrectly. You won't believe but I spent over 2 or more hour...

Orbitz / bait and switch on airfare

Jennifer Hull on Sep 26, 2017
Ok, this is a rant of epic proportions! i have been following prices for a flight for the twins 2nd Birthday and it has been the same price for DAYS! I tried to book online and it kept saying " cannot complete, wait and try later" after 4 tries I called and it took this rep ages to find...

Orbitz / cancellation of flight and seat assignments on rescheduled flight.

Karen Jill Vogler on Sep 25, 2017
RE: Flights on Air Berlin - Booking # JDEQY3 Passengers, Karen Jill Vogler, James Kenneth Vogler, Sigrid McQuaid and John Joseph McQuaid. September 3, 2017 - AirBerlin Flight7007 - Orlando/ Dusseldorf September 4, 2017 - AirBerlin Flight8882 - Dusseldorf/Florence When purchasing our...

Orbitz / flight

Adonis Bryant on Sep 18, 2017
I booked a flight to Texas for Sept 22, 2017 I did not put insurance on it I had no idea there would be a hurricane there, I called to be refund or at credited and they would not refund it .Its enough that my family was affected by the hurricane and then they refuse refund this is unreal I...

Orbitz / changing my flight

kathleensundby on Sep 12, 2017
I am booked through Orbitz booking id: MS9XQA from msp to rome, Italy. My Granddaughter is there for her fall semester through St. Thomas College. I just found out that she will be on a school trip for a lot of the time that I will be there to visit her. I would like to leave on October, 4...

Orbitz / customer service

Gabi Ruben on Sep 10, 2017
I had a problem checking in online with regard to a Bahamas Air flight on Wed for a Thur 11am flight, I contacted Sharon at customer service who arranged for one of your agents to contact Bahamas Air Thur 8.30am when they opened, it was discovered that though I had flown and checked into...

Orbitz / bait and switch

swballance on Sep 7, 2017
I booked and paid for 2 rooms at the Ibis Eiffel Tower Paris Cambronne at 2 Rue Cambronne. When my confirmation came through it was for Grenelle and it was a total dump. I called to find out why they gave me rooms at a different hotel with a different name but said it was one in the same...

Orbitz / paid a fortune and almost got stranded in the customs due to subpar customer service

Sevelamer on Sep 5, 2017
I am currently seeking compensation from Orbitz for a return ticket that cost me $430 and a sleepless night. The night before my scheduled departure from Seattle back to my home Romania, resulted in me nearly being stranded first in Canada customs then again in Seattle; and eventually...

Orbitz / request for refund

Jose Mari Almonte on Aug 28, 2017
Case ID REQ:M-180 95780 Orbitz Itinerary Number 17212175824 Oman Air Confirmation Code : LVISRK Ticket Number 9107883549708 Passenger: Almonte, Jose Mari Booking ID M3F68L Travel Dates July 12, 2016 - Aug 22, 2016 ( return ticket) I called up Orbitz on June 16, 2017 to request for a...

Orbitz / I didn't get all charges before I booked

Evelyn Timmins on Aug 23, 2017
I booked deal of the day from orbitz for las vegas. It was for ceasors palace for Sept 19 though Sept 22. When I received the details after I paid, it said there would be an additional 39 dollars a day for pool, fitness, etc. I am not planning to use any of it - but apparently I have to...

Orbitz / This is what i call a scam

Manvinder on Aug 17, 2017
My order wasn't confirmed. I got an email from them where they said should call them. And I did. They said that it's been 4 days and prices became more expensive so I had to pay a difference. And it was kind of a reason why they didn't confirm my booking. They said the only thing I can do...

Orbitz / promo flights suck

George Lucker on Aug 15, 2017
I booked a flight, total distance, 400 miles, took the bait for the special pricing, it's going to take me all over the damned world, would have been way quicker to drive! Orbitz says you cant see the flights until after you book the special deal, no one in their right mind would do that, I...

Orbitz / Fraud

Eleanor Healy on Aug 15, 2017
All they want is your money, other details are not interesting. I purchased 3 tickets for my family worth $3300 through their website, but when we arrived at the airport they were canceled by the airline. I called customer service and heard that they can't refund, but if I want I can use...

Orbitz / I won’t be using them again!

Kathy_Jaynes85 on Aug 11, 2017
I booked tickets through Orbitz for Delta Airlines. The site showed a seating selection and I picked two seats for me and my boyfriend. The request was sent to Delta Airlines. I must say I picked our seats long before the flight, there were many available seats and I didn't expect there...

Orbitz / not upfront about extra baggage fees

LeilaniK on Jul 30, 2017
I was disappointed with the unexpected charges for carry on baggage through Spirit Airlines. I wish that was stated while we were purchasing our tickets through Orbitz. Perhaps say something like, "Ticket price does not include prices for extra baggage. Spirit Airlines charges for checked...

Orbitz / booking department

Olga VK on Jul 22, 2017
I have a complaint about Orbitz booking, Itinerary #7281318617345. It is the worst booking experience I've ever had and unfortunately it's not over yet. I booked a ticket from Lisbon to Boston on July 19 at 1 am. My flight was supposed to leave on July 27 at 12.50 arriving in Boston at...

Orbitz / orbitz did a switch and bait when I booked a hotel in Santa Monica

Lisa1234567 on Jul 8, 2017
I need a refund for confirmation number 7278744386195 from orbitz my name is Lisa mason 626-482-8162 I have been on hold for hours to reach customer service at orbitz I called immediately after booking reservation as it was not what I put into the field I put le Mariget hotel Santa Monica...

Orbitz / booking complaint

Murtadha Hashim on Jul 8, 2017
Introduction: I have a complaint with Orbits booking Itinerary 7278007025342 . Booked a 3 night hotel Hampton by Hilton Bristol UK for my son, from 7th till 10th July. He was travelling within the UK from Edinburg to Bristol on Jet airways on 7th July, dept. at 19:00 hrs. to reach Bristol at...

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