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I have been on the same medication since 2008. When I refilled it thru OPTUMRX mail order, I was sent a pill vastly different in color and shape. There wasn't a picture of the pill on their website or their APP. All of my other medications had pictures. Had to call OPTUMRX and talk to several people who were rude and unprofessional. This company should not be allowed to get by with this. My trust level with them is so low that I had to call and talk to these people to ensure this was the correct medication.

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      Mar 07, 2018

    Monday: Just called Social Security and waited 40 minutes to set a phone appointment, oiled my antiques and a few other little chores I have been putting off... next is calling Optum RX. I tried to get a prescription refilled yesterday but according to Optum RX, my recently obtained Medicare coverage, processed three months late, due to glitches, on 1/1/2017, at age... uh, 65, was said to have expired 1/1/2001, seventeen years ago. We took a photo of the computer screen for the ninth call this week, and have spent fourteen hrs to refill three prescriptions... Do these federal programs really exist?

    Wednesday: Still attempting to obtain my prescriptions. It has been a week and about thirty phone calls and messages. Five have been from Walgreens, stating my prescriptions are ready. Following a twenty-five minute drive there, twenty minutes in line and a two minute conversation, we find Optum RX has not resolved the issue. We drive another twenty-five minutes home. We may have gotten somewhere, this time. Someone again deleted my coverage. Today, a new number was assigned. It was input wrong. They will correct it. Meanwhile, we wait. This morning's project. It is becoming a fulltime job. At least, it is only diabetes. If I had a heart condition, I could die, waiting a week. A blessing... At least the employer contracting the carrier experienced what I did on the phone as they listened to my efforts. Seven days spent to resolve a small issue in obtaining medication. An entire week to resolve one small computer problem. No wonder health care is so expensive. This is Trumps America and life dependent upon United Healthcare, the parent company of OptumRX.

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