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Effective june1 I have had united health supplement insurance to my Medicare. Optimum, a subsidiary of United, is the required mail order plan.
This is the most poorly run company I have ever dealt with.
I need insulin to live. I have had to buy a vial( 12 day supply) at retail because coverage was denied($500) and now I have been getting more different answers on my 90 day supply than I can remember.
Seeing, all the negative complaints in line I feel better in my assessment that this is a company in total meltdown mode.
Is there any class action activity? Law suits I may join? Something must be done.


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      Jul 08, 2019

    I so agree. however, they are the only med. ins. co. that will cover my brand medication every month. today, I was on the phone from 10:00am thru 3pm trying to straighten out my issue. I been transferred and spoke to rep A then B then C (which got disconnected while I was on hold) and finally, trying my absolutely 1 more time and numbers along w/holding, after calling so many numbers I get RepD at this point, I hope and pray this was settled. how in the world I've spoken w/the Phillipines (24 hrs. later than here EST time). i'm in no better shape than I was last month. I've been told do have pharmacists change NDC#'s and it will be fine; which is illegal, btw, heck I knew that). I hate this company, you just joined best of luck, been with them 9 long, terrible years. we are all screwed. BE PREPARED! for the worst of the worse.

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