OptumRXauthorization & customer support

G Jan 14, 2020

After 2hrs and 45 min on the phone today with countless amounts of people. I am no closer to a resolution than I was before.
I recieved notification a week before 1/1/20 that 2 of my rx's will no longer be covered. I have severe contraindications and side effects from medications and it has taken me years to find ones that agree with my body. these people do not care about any of that. After 2 phone calls with my dr's offices, they till denied me. They don't care if I end up in the hospital or suffering from not taking my madication which I am now 2 days late on. I am missing a major medication for 2 days unless I want to pay $161.00.
I have never dealt with the run-a-round with ANY company the way I did today and the people there should be ashamed of themselves for even working there. This company's last concern is for the well-being of it's members. It's disgraceful. And the fact that the state of NJ switched it's workers to this is an EMBARASSMENT!!! What a bunch of crap. I won't stop here, I will continue to make complaints about this 1 out of 5 star company that the state has saddled its wokers with. We don't receive great salaries so the health insurance and rx plan was our only incentive to even work here. BANG UP JOB UNION REPS!!!

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