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OnlineShoes reviews & complaints

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OnlineShoes - Mobile phone charges

I recently placed an order with online shoes. I had a question and called customer service at [protected]. There was a long wait time, 90 in the que, by recording, they advised me to leave a number so they could call me back. I left my cell phone number and three hours later they called me back and answered by question. However, recently i noticed on my cell phone statement a charge of $40.00 for a call to canada at [protected], for 61 minutes which i never placed. In speaking with a number of representatives of my cell phone carrier, apparently this company re-routes number and then charges the customers for a call which is an 800 #. To find out if this was true, i called the [protected] number and left my land line number for them to return the call. On both occasions, once i picked up the phone, they hung up. There is no way they can charge a land line number for a call. This is very dishonest and i will no longer be a customer and will let others know of this unethical practice. I would like reimbursement for the phone calls, and can provide additional information if necessary i.E. Phone statements etc. Thank you!

Mar 10, 2016

OnlineShoes - I'm so disappointed!

I've purchased a pair of lovely shoes from OnlineShoes and it took them over three weeks to deliver those. Shoes I received looked great, but they were too small. I contacted their customer care and they gave me two options. Their representative said that I could either exchange for free or send the shoes back to get a refund, but will be charged $8. I picked the exchange. Then I found out they still charged $8 from me, even though I took the free exchange option! When I called them they put me on hold for about 30 minutes! Never again!

Mar 02, 2016

OnlineShoes - Spam emails!

I've ordered some shoes from OnlineShoes and received my order in reasonable time. Shoes were great. But then they have started sending me spam emails! Every day I receive tons of spam. I contacted customer service and asked them to stop sending me messages and they promised to fix the problem. But till now nothing was done! I'm so tired of this! I really need help!

Feb 11, 2016

OnlineShoes - Horrible customer service

I bought shoes from OnlineShoes store and it took over a month to receive them. They were way too small so I contacted customer care in order to return them back. There are two options on their website for such cases. First you can exchange for free and the second you can send back and be charged $7.99. So I opted for the exchange, sent the shoes back, but was charged! Tried calling them but was put on hold for over 30 minutes! I sent them a message and asked why was I charged if it is said on their site that exchanges are free! No response. Won't order from them again!

Jun 14, 2014

OnlineShoes - Rude agent and my order hasn't been delivered

I ordered shoes and handbag from My order didn’t arrive on the estimated day and I decided to reach the customer services. I called them and asked about my order, but the agent...

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