Oncor Electric Delivery Companyservices

The issue starts on Tuesday October 1st. I spoke to Greg B. @ 2143302960. He advised me that one would come out until 2 pm for the temporary disconnect. I advised him that was fine. But no one showed up until Friday the 4th at 1pm?? My mom and grandbaby was home with no air until I left work at 330pm and get a hotel room for us to rest. Saturday still no one got the issue resolved until Mark having to undo whatever the first person did. The issue was do to Oncor didn't come out when they was supposed to the Solar company didn't finish the part they was supposed to. So all of the instructions given to me about the electric in my home was not correct. Kimberly H. 2420116 one of the managers that called me back from talking to April. Still calling me saying it was nothing that can be done. But my lights had been on. I'm requesting the fees to be removed and some of the food in my fridge gone bad. I'm asking for 50.00 to get the food back that I lost.

Oncor Electric Delivery Company

Oct 09, 2019

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