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July 7, 2019 I feel like the power on my side of the street in my neighborhood is out at least two times a month these days. The other side of the street power is hardly never out and I don't know why. I have called several times to txu and oncor several times about this problem and the problem continues. I was told by txu supervisor that it is an oncor problem but the power outage is being recorded by them each time I call. It has been going on for far too long now. My grandchildren that live with me have asthma and became sick last night dealing with the heat and dry air coming in through my open windows. Thank you for your help. I don't have the other dates of power outage but I believe TX will give you those dates if asked for them.

Jul 07, 2019
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  • Ou
      Jul 11, 2019

    We run into the same exact thing on a stretch of Grand Avenue Pkwy in Pflugerville, TX. Again last night (Wed 7/10/19) between 10:15pm and 10:20 pm the power dropped and came back on 3 times. When this happens it is a chunk of several blocks including local businesses and residences. We have Ambit but all providers run through Oncor. I called last week during a power outage of a couple hours and Oncor stated they would initiate a "Power Quality" check to be performed Mon - Tues 7/8-7/9. No word on the results but since power dropped again for everyone within the same several block radius last night, it appears no real progress has been made.

    When we moved to this location 2 years ago, power outages were rare and usually in conjunction with storms or high winds. The problem has been steadily getting worse and this year has been horrible with multiple outages. To be clear, these are not rolling brown-outs due to overloading the grid. This is something else entirely and i sincerely wish they would find root cause and mitigate the problem.

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  • Ou
      Jul 11, 2019

    Update: So i called Oncor customer service at 888.313.6862 to report the outage from last night and they confirmed that the "Power Quality" check did happen. The technician found multiple issues and lots of damage (some underground) that was likely compounded over time from the massive amount of thunderstorms we've had this year. Oncor will be initiating repair procedures and we were warned it will take some time but hopefully our power will get more stable as the repairs progress.

    My advice to original poster: call Oncor customer service at 888.313.6862 and skip calling TXU because all of those providers run through Oncor.

    Good Luck and hope your power stabilizes!!

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