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L Aug 18, 2018

There is a new home being built next to us. Oncor had to come and hook up the temporary meter in our new neighbors yard. Up front I want to say yes i'm aware nothing is suppose to be planted around those gigantic ugly boxes. But people everywhere are doing it for the sake of pride ownership! Just keep your stuff cut down and back from the transformer and there won't be any issues.
We've been told by oncor that they had to cut the bushes in front of the transformer in our yard to the dirt in order to do their job. After seeking legal counsel we know that's not the case. Do they have the right to do it? Yes. Should they have done it? No. And do we have rights despite an easement? Yes!
It didn't make sense to us because the bushes have been there for 9 years and many homes around us have been built since then and somehow they have always been able to access the transformer but this week, after 9 years of accessing it, they had to cut the bushes to the dirt. (as you can see in the pictures I posted) we should have cut the bushes down, they had gotten away from us and were overgrown. (they were overgrown more than the picture shows) the picture shows more of what they look like when we keep up with them. The last time oncor sent someone out to hook up service they knocked on our door and said the bushes were to overgrown. My husband helped the gentleman and then cut them in half so the next guy wouldn't have a problem. There wasn't an emergency when they came this week. They could/should have knocked on our door and told us what was going on. We were home! Instead like I said they cut them to the dirt and left the pile of debris in our neighbors yard. When we sought legal counsel on the matter we found out that when trees are cut to access power lines the electric company hauls off the debris and this shouldn't be treated any differently. We haven't retained an attorney although we are still pondering it. Not because we think we'll have some great victory. We know we'll spend money we won't see again which is why we probably won't do it. We know they aren't going to fix what they did and we can't make them. We know they aren't going to admitt that they could have merely cut the bushes in half as opposed to completely out. Which is really the only reason we're still pondering legal action. We just want some awareness raised to the employees that don't have the ability to consider common sense things like "hey I could cut these in half and still access everything I need too because I have the ability to have the foresight that removing these and leaving the roots will leave them with zero options of fixing the removal of the bushes and could definitely effect the value of their home." is any of that the oncor employees problem? No. Should he have had the the common sense to think it through. Or had the courtesy to knock on our door like the last guy did? Yes. We've looked at purchasing a big fake rock to go over it but have been told that can trap in to much heat which makes sense. Although idk how these companies online are selling them for transformers? We obviously can't dig around it to plant anything else and a planter won't really fit well in front of it plus then we have to water it. Our realtor came out and said this will def have to be fixed before we can sell our home. It's disappointing that this was an easy fix and was handled so unprofessional by oncor.
I talked with the gentleman's supervisor several times and he was nice but he was saying things like they needed to be removed because some guys are allergic to evergreen. He also tried to tell me there was a good chance they'd grow back but they are a fire hazard because those transformers can spark. Which leaves me wondering why they put something that can spark in my yard? Anyway I requested to speak with his supervisor and that was a much better conversation. He didn't admit to it being overkill to kill the bushes but at least he didn't give me any bs about allergies and he could sympathize with what I was saying. He also brought up the point that they had to dig and one of the bushes was in the way. Ok I can understand that, and the bush in the way of that was on the side of the transformer and could have been removed while leaving the two in front of it. The two supervisors called me back promptly and didn't put me off at all. I was really impressed by that because often within big companies the customer service is lacking but that wasn't the case here.
It's really to bad the employee sent out to hook up service wasn't as proffesional. I believe the total overreaction to the problem facing him would have been different if he were.

landscaping removal
landscaping removal

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