Omeglebanned for no reason

K Jul 10, 2019 Review updated:

I have no reason to be banned I have followed the security violations, I have done nothing wrong, all I did was say hi and that's all, but you guys ended up banning me for no reason, please unban me I have done nothing wrong and will do nothing wrong. All I wanted to do was try and video with my friend that's all we were trying to do, I was doing nothing to get banned in any way.


  • Gr
    Grace123456 Aug 05, 2019

    Did anything come of this?

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  • Za
    zandrio marayag Sep 17, 2019

    ots of user are banning people without doing should check the allegation first the users is abusing the report botton they reporting someone who done nothing is not so friendly chat if people don't wanna see things that thay don't like they should click next rather than report it as malicious.this is a random chat so people should not be banned doing nothing that is why is a random chat or video chat.think about it it's a free chat without signing and it is random chat so better take away the banned botton people are abusing it reporting.thanks...

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