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I have travelled from cozhikode (Kerala, India) on 4th of April 2019 to London in the morning flight. My baggage weight was fine. I was with my wife and son. The counter staff not told me that my baggage weight was over. Everything was fine on my travel day. I met one of my village person who is working for Oman airlines under BADRA company. I shake hand him and spoke to him about 3mints. Also told him to request to give us all seat together with my family. He spoke to the counter staff and told that we can do that in the plane as flight was not too busy. Now My friend, Mohammed Haris has lost his job. He said to me the counter person has send my baggage 6kg over and found by one of the senior staff. He was about to loose his job, that time he blamed on my friend that he told to send over weight.because of that reason he lost his job. Some of the reason I would like to point out to Oman airline that when I was checking my friend was not there near the counter and he doesn't even that Ian travelling. I didn't meet him at all during this trip to Kerala and I don't have no contact with him. When he asked by manager that is he told the counter staff to send send my baggage over, he said NO, that time other senior staff and manager told him if you say "YES" we will give job here otherwise he will loose his job. Then he has to sign one paper he has done the mistake and apologise even though he hasn't done. The people in the Oman airelnes played drama and lost that poor boy job. I am very upset and me and family regular customer of Oman airlines. I am requesting Oman Airline to enquire the incident and find a solution for this issues. You can check CCTV camera what happened and find out the lie story. Because I travelled your airline, someone lost his job make me very upsetting . Could you please try to take him back to work. This is humble request. If I bring a over load baggage, the counter staff should tell me, without any notification some loosing his job???. Iam looking forward to hear from you. My details are following
Name: Aboobacker Melepatt
Email Id: [protected]
The staff who lost his job name : Mohammed haris
Flight No: Wy298 8.30am

May 15, 2019

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