Old Navyemployee attitude /rude!

G Nov 25, 2017 Review updated:

I went to the old navy store in Barstow CA. Store number 05043, cashier 2668371. I went to on 24 November 2017, most items were 50% off. I was purchasing some legging that were 60% off according to the sign. I prescanned the item but it was coming up for 60% off, do I asked one of the employees on the floor and he said they would take the 60% off at the checkout. When cashier number 2668371 scan the item doing checkout it didn't ring up for sale price. I told her it was on sale for 60% off and she said no item was clearence item and could be reduced. I told her it didn't have a clearence tag and it wasn't from clearence area. I told her what the employee in the floor said and her response was no, it can't reduce. Needless to say I didn't buy the item. Her attitude was rude and ugly. I have never experienced such rudeness before, I couldn't believe her attitude, like she really didn't want to be there or didn't know what customer service was. Employee in dying need of customers service training.


  •   Nov 26, 2017

    Why not ask her to calll the employee up to confirm what you were told? 60% off is a good deal. I’d have had tolerance and waited for confirmation.

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  •   Nov 26, 2017

    You just seem whiny and entitled. You can't always get your way!

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      Dec 10, 2017

    To the goof ball that said someone seems whiny and entitled you're absolutely incorrect. If something is posted 60% off then that's what the customer expects not to be [censor]ed out from some minimum wage witch at the counter. Not sure why people hire people if they have poor customer service. Get a clue employers if a person don't smile or are crabby in general do NOT hire them.

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