Ocwen Financial Corporationyour customer service for phh /payoff request

Since you have merged and or bought out PHH obtaining your a payoff statement is a NIGHTMARE!. You have people answering calls after being on hold for over 40 min with NO KNOWLEDGE AT ALL! I keep getting people with horrible accents who repeat themselves over and over again. And they are reading off of a script! You should be embarrassed! This is what is representing YOU! Put your automated system back. It was MUCH easier and faster. The turn around time is 7-10 days. And even though I include borrowers authorization YOUR PEOPLE DONT SEE IT. Whether I put it on the top of my request or the bottom of my request THEY DONT SEE IT! So I have to call back and make sure it was received and make sure they open the request and READ! WT[censored]

Aug 01, 2019

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