Ocwen Financial Corporationmonies in escrow, unethical behavior, payments not received, monies being held

Ocwen took 2 checks for home remediation, 2 party endorsement. At the same time they were modifying my home loan. They pushed me into foreclosure by not answering or just blatantly not accepting the endless forms they require. i was foreclosed on back in 2014. They local judge allowed the 2nd mortgage to jump the first mortgage and foreclose. illegally I believe. The two are still fighting over the home @ 183 Ekana circle Daytona Beach fl. 32128. I am just trying to get my ins claim $ back from Ocwen which has held it since 2014 and now I dont own the home and Ocwen wont release the ins claim money to me despite the fact i tried to get a contract termination letter form the mold remediation company whom went out of business 3 years ago. I sent two letters as Ocwen asked both certified both 2 weeks apart. Ocwen was sent copies and received them and then again gave me the run around stating id need to sign and indemnification agreement for the claim to be processed. I signed it and sent it back and now Ocwen is stating they wont release the funds until the home I no longer own and haven't owned since 2014 has a inspection to make sure 90% of the work has been done. This makes no sense and again they are stalling me and not returning $17, 548.00 to me.

Jun 07, 2019

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