Oakleycustomer service

C Aug 18, 2018

I can see since Luxottica acquired Oakley in 2007, the customer service an overall quality has degraded exponentially.
I owned great glasses made by Oakley and I got same brand for my family (both sunglasses and prescription).
Recently, I bought a pair of Tailhook sunglasses because Oakley representative assured me it's RX-able. I had a hunch and after the purchase I did call them and got the confirmation again.
I went to LensCrafters which is again, under same Luxottica umbrella and asked to get the prescription lenses. They have denied me. I sent an email to Oakley asking if this particular model it is RX-able and got the confirmation once again. I went back to LensCrafters with this written confirmation and they did call the "Luxottica sales rep" and got another "not possible".
I start digging and found out on own Luxottica computer system that every retailer is using that my glasses are labeled as RX-able. At this point, the "sales rep" changed the story from not RX-able to frame discontinued. Found a guy working in the industry which told me that even the frames are discontinued, they are supposed to make lenses for another 3 yrs.
This information was confirmed by an Oakley rep on the phone but they can't and do not want to help me with anything as they are sending me to deal with LensCrafters and do not want to take ownership of this issue.
Chatting with "Customer service" on the email it is useless and frustrating as they only reply with kind of apologies but do not willing to help in any way.
This kind of attitude and service is what made you to lose another long time customer.
I know you don't care, but I will look for a company that is not own by Luxottica.

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