NVR Inc / Ryan Homesunethical behaviour


Complain Against:
Ryan Home
690 Studio Lane, Concord, NC 28027

I am a nonresident alien in US (H1B) staying in US since 2014 and booked a new house with Ryan Homes on 9/21/2017 for property address: 11050 Discovery Ln Concord, NC 28027. Before signing my contract, I asked them if my employer transfer me back to my home country before moving date i.e 29th Jan 2018, what will happen to my down payment. They confirm that after providing the transfer letter/ email from my company, they will refund all my down payment. After getting the confirmation, I made the down payment of $16796.00 and signed the contract against this property. As per contract this house should handed over to me by 29th Jan 2018.
My situation got change on 10th Oct 2017 after getting an email from my employer that I have been transferred to my home country and will have to travel by 20th Oct 2017. Based on our agreement I emailed my current situation on Oct 10th, 2017 to Ryan Homes and provided all letters from my employer, about my transfer and asked Ryan home to refund my down payment. But they decline to do so.
Desirable Resolution: I want my down payment of amount $16796.00 in refund due to my transfer to my home country.

Please help me on this.

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