NTB / National Tire & Batterywheel bearings - only giving 1 star bc I can’t go any lower

L Sep 10, 2018

I went in to get an oil change 06/30/18. I was told I needed tie rods. I scheduled an appt to have that fixed on 7/11/14 bc Alex, the store manager, asked me to wait until his "best mechanic" was there. Hours after I dropped my car off, Alex called & said he'd "misdiagnosed" my car & that I'd need wheel bearings. A 3 hour job turned into 4 days and I had to demand my car back on 7/14 because Alex kept giving me the run around about when my car would be ready. Then when I got there my battery was dead and he couldn't get started. He lied and told me he gave me a new battery as a courtesy. The battery was used. He lied and told me he test drove my car and it was fine. They never test drove it. I had to do it myself when I got there. Because he gave me the run around for 4 days he said the service would be free and he does enough business there that he could "absorb the cost" in other cars. I asked for my old parts back because it was too good to be true and I wanted to make sure he had actually changed them. 6 weeks later, 9/10/18, I had to have my car towed, which Alex covered bc based on the noise I described to him he said it probably wasn't safe to drive. The noise was the same noise I was hearing before he "fixed" it. When I called him and told him about the noise he said he didn't feel comfortable servicing my car at his store anymore bc he wasn't equipped to service my car at his store and didn't have an A+ certified mechanic at store so I would need to go somewhere else. He referred me to the Garner store and I had to call and make all of the arrangements. The manager at that store, Chris, was caught in the middle bc Alex tried to get over on him and have him take the hit of the cost of fixing my car so he wouldn't have to take ownership. I confronted Alex about it and he asked me to come to his office. Once I was in his office all he said was that he was done talking to me and wasn't going to do anything else to assist me and it wasn't his problem then got up and walked out of the office. Chris from the other store had to call his district manager and get the cost charged to Alex's store. Alex is unprofessional and a con and only cares about making money for his store. He was never equipped to service my car in the first place and finally admitted it when he sent me to the Garner store. I drove around for 6 weeks hearing this little noise and my gut telling me something wasn't right. Yesterday it came really loud which is what made me call Alex and that's when he said he didn't think it was safe to drive! I think he knew it wasn't safe to drive when I picked it up from him 7/14. He basically just did a quick fix to get me out the way bc he knew he'd taken on more than he could handle. I will NEVER go to NTB for anything ever again! I plan on filing a formal complaint against him.

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