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M Aug 14, 2018

I bought tires a year ago and already was due for new tires just 9 months after. I went to the El dorado location in mckinney tx where I bought the original tires and asked about the warranty. I was still under warranty from my previous tires so Todd quoted me $395 for new tires. I told him I wasn't buying them that day- I would have to wait a month or so because I wasn't prepared to buy new tires just a year later and was going to have to budget. I left the store feeling berated- He made me feel very dumb because I had a lot of questions. Note- I didn't get a print out of the quote. I called later that day and asked if I came back in about 4-6 weeks if he would honor the quote and he said yes. I came back 8 weeks later (I wasn't able to afford new tires until this time). He said he had no recollection of giving me a quote and since I didn't have the paper he wasn't honoring it. I asked him to look up my warranty from the last tires because I should have still been covered and he did not. He ended up quoting me $600 (what I paid the year prior for new tires) which included the oil change I needed and service charge. I was under a lot of stress and just wanted to get the tires done and since I approved for the credit card I took the deal knowing he completely played me. I don't feel he is honest and cares about customers. I felt like I couldn't ask questions. I am very frustrated that my brand new tires were completely shredded only a year later. I paid $600 for very low quality tires.

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