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M Sep 25, 2018 Review updated:

Took my car that I just bought last night in to the Maple Shade, NJ store for a comprehensive exam to see what all is wrong with it for the $20 fee. They were supposed to check a bunch of things but only checked a few. I took spark plugs and wires in with me and asked how much to put them on. The guy told me it would take 2 hours at $119 an hour. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? I had another place put them on in 20. minutes for $60 instead

Also while I was there, they told me I needed outer tie rod ends. They told me it will be $1000 for 2 outer tie rod ends. ARE THEY MADE OF GOLD??? I got them both at Auto Zone for $25 each and had a me hanic put both on for only $45. So it cost me like $100 and they wanted to charge me $1000!!! THATS INSANE!!!

My car is a 2006 Chrysler Town and Country, not a limo or anything requiring expensive parts.


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      Sep 25, 2018

    The right employees are everything. The NTB in Lawrenceville, NJ, used to be a point of satisfaction for me. Now, I will never go back! I gave them several chances to fix a concern I had. Every step of the way, they made it worse. For most of this year, I would go, and like clock work to the manager, Jason, would r take care of me...always took my car on time; updated me on my status; and was always professional. Current management is a nightmare. Smoking, eating, unkempt...not representative of a professional organization at all.
    When I called customer service to complain, I thought they really had my interest at heart. Bottom line nope. It took three weeks to get my issue addressed, and when the store finally did what the CSA committted that they would do, they did not follow the commitment, nor was there any follow up. It became obvious that I had become a nuisance and they sent a clear message that that is how they viewed me. That is fine. I was slated to spend about $1200 on my next set of tires. Now, I will probably drop $1400 at one of their competitors, and do so happily, knowing that my choice in patronage is valued.
    Your loss, NTB. I will be using you as a focal point of my customer service and leadership classes, blogs, and posts on what NOT to do.

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