NTB / National Tire & Batterybroken tpms sensor


I went to National Tire and Battery to replace a tire that had been vandalized that was covered under the roadside hazard warranty that I purchased when I bought the tires new. Not only was I told that it would only take an hour that turned into 5 hours but the man told me that they broke the TPMS sensor and that he'd ordered it a long time ago and stated that it should have already been there. The part finally came they put it on and I went home. Today when I got in my car the TPMS sensor light was on so I called they said bring it over they probably just have to shut off the light it would take three minutes he said. I took it over there and it only was my tire extremely over-inflated they told me that they put the wrong sensor on it and they would call me when they ordered the new one and it came from the dealership in a few days . He also asked me where and when I had the tire and sensor replaced and I stated to him it was done there yesterday and that they were the ones that did it. Unacceptable. Well I understand I paid $19.65 to have this done I should not have had to come back twice. Now I have to interrupt my day once again to have the sensor change that they broke to begin with. I'm very displeased with my service & I'm well entitled to receiving my money back. My family does a lot of business with NTB but if this issue isn't resolved this will be the last transaction.

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