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I received a phone call from a man at Northland Group [protected]) on 06/18/09 around 8pm.

He asked for for my name Susan Parker then he asked is this the Susan born(mention a birthdate). I asked him what is this about, he wouldn't say just said it was a personal matter.

Then he kept mentioning the birthdate. Since he wouldn't tell me why he was calling, I told him I don't have time for games then I hung up.

Susan Parker


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      Jun 03, 2016
    Northland Group - Harrassing phone calls
    Northland Group
    United States

    For the last 2 weeks, I have been receiving phone calls at my phone number looking for my sister and/or brother in law. I have explained that they do not live here and have asked to have my number pulled from their system. I still get 3 calls a day, early AM, mid afternoon, and at night. My sister while visiting me, called them back and told them she had nothing to do with the credit card bill they were trying to collect and gave them my brother in law's phone number. They persist in calling my home looking for him. How do I get them to stop bothering me at my home?

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