North Texas Tollway Authority [NTTA]their billing system is broken, I have to pay fees

B Aug 03, 2018

Sorry, we've sent it to collections and there is nothing we can do about it.
Bureaucratic nightmare words no one should ever have to hear. I had my visa card on autopay. The number got stolen, so when I went to replace it on the NTTA system, there were several days of unpaid tolls while I awaited the new card. Replaced the card on the system, all the tolls were charged to the new card, merrily we go on our way. But Wait! Two random tolls from the period not paid. $3.78. three months later I get a pink letter in the mail that says too bad for me, its been sent to collections for $38.78. I call customer service. It is all my problem, pay up. When I asked for a supervisor, none was available but we'll elevate it, have the supervisor look into it and call you back. A week later I call back. No record of any offer to elevate or call back. Plenty of documentation about how I need to just shut up and pay up. This time I insist on talking to a supervisor. Debbie was as cold, bureaucratic and unhelpful as the other reps. This group has my phone number, email, and my visa card that they have been charging all the other tolls to, but there was nothing they could do. Of course I have to eat the $35 fees and pay bill. Read what happens to all the other complaints on this page. I guess its good to have a monopoly and the power to destroy credit scores. Where do I get a job like that?

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