North Texas Tollway Authoritycharged for someone else's car/tolls

R Oct 15, 2015 Review updated:

I sold a car, and continued to be charged for the tolls the new owner was using. I contacted NTTA once I figured out why my toll account was eating up so much money. They removed the car from my account, but stated that they would NOT credit the tolls back to my account. NTTA told me to contact the new owner for reimbursement - are you kidding!! That is supposedly their policy to continue to charge you until you notify them. But I was calling to notify them, because I noticed the problem. There is NO grace period for this type of thing?!?! I have 60 days to get a vehicle registered, why would I not have a grace period to notify NTTA . . . I should have done it "immediately" was what I was told. Yeah, that's the first thing on MY mind when I sell a car.


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      Oct 24, 2015

    I just received a letter from not Houston Texas charging me 25.00 for passing tolls without paying. The vihicle is no longer mine. I sold it n apperently they are still carrying same tags . What do I need to do to avoid getting charged for something that am not even driving

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